Youm-e-Ishq Rasool (PBUH) being observed across Pakistan

Youm-e-Ishq Rasool (PBUH) is being observed across the country Friday as per announcement of the government in response to a US-made film deemed insulting to Islam.
Friday was declared a local holiday and all the government offices, educational institutions and trading centres will remain closed.
Political and religious parties and social organizations took out rallies across the country to show their love for the Prophet (PBUH) and record their protest against sacrilegious film.
Processions were taken out in Muzaffarabad, Rawalpindi, Nowshera, Jacobabad and other cities. Demonstrators in Nowshera had turned violent and caused damage to government property.
Moreover, protesters in Islamabad resorted to rioting and set alight the toll plaza between Rawalpindi and Islamabad after ransacking it. The plaza is situated near an Afghan refugee camp.
Section 144 was subsequently imposed in Islamabad and its adjoining areas prohibiting violent protests and weapons display.
The Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad Amir Ali Ahmed said only peaceful processions would be allowed to take place. To ensure that, authorities were monitoring Islamabad’s Red-zone via CCTV cameras. Government officials, security agencies’ personnel and civil administration officials were present in the control room to monitor the situation.All avenues leading to diplomatic consulates were sealed in major cities.The red-zone area in Karachi and the areas surrounding the US consulate were sealed off.
All the petrol pumps, CNG stations, cinemas and theatres across the country remained closed to mark Youm-e-Ishq Rasool (PBUH).
Oil Tankers Association, Punjab has also announced strike on the occasion and oil supply to all petrol pumps remained suspended. Meanwhile, all bus services including local and inter city through out the country also remained suspended.
Meanwhile Mobile phone services across the country also remained suspended on instruction of Interior Ministry as a precaution to avert any untoward incident during countrywide protest.

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  1. Amir said:

    So, now the nation needs a day to 'pretend' that it loves its prophet? If only all these people who are pretending that their feelings are hurt and are hell bent in destroying the country actually try to act on the teachings of prophet Mohammad then every day would be Ishq-e-Rasool day. But being the hypocrites that we are, we will always pretend like we love our prophet but will never act on his teachings. Pathetic.

  2. Incredible said:

    Amir what makes you think they are not acting on your prophet's teachings ?

    • Amir said:

      Because I am a Muslim and I understand my religion and what it teaches and I am not about to believe otherwise because of nonsensical acts like these. Similarly, just because the Serbs slaughtard thousands of Bosnian Muslims did not mean that the blame should go to Christianity.

  3. Tahir said:

    It was a wrong decision as violent protests took lives of 14 innocent people; the governemment created hype

  4. Nazia said:

    Youm-e-Ishq Rasool (PBUH) being observed across Pakistan
    what we convey to outer world
    19 peoples are killed
    Banks are robbed and burnt
    civilians are attacked and threatened
    KFC closes operations in Pak amid unrest making thousands unemployed
    Interestingly all agitation is either created big cities and near official buildings and police were not enough or equipped for handling this kind of worst situation so as active participants of restoration of Movement of judiciary I can claim that this time government or establishment pushed people to create such an explosive atmosphere to further defame Pakistan in outer world.

  5. aijazhaider said:

    Not just everyday, every moment of a muslim should be according to the teachings of Quran & Sunnah. want to share with you few lines written by an aalim about his sheikh (excuse me, i don't wat to mention the names). It has both urdu and english words:
    "sunnat ke mutabiq jo har act hai unka, example apne liey perfect hai unka, (I apologise to english readers for writing in urdu only)
    nazron ki hifazat karna hai beherhaal, apney har sathi se ye pact hai unka".
    Muslims must be prepared to meet the challanges of our times. A few more lines by another poet (a hafiz-e-Quran):
    "jo geedar bhupkiyaan detey they (the US) himmat haar baithey hain, musalman jaan deney ke liye tayyar baithey hain,
    Umar awaal(ra) rahey faateh, Umar saani(ra) rahey ghalib, Umar saalis(db) baney Allah ki talwar baithey hain".
    1.Hazrat Umar (razi-Allaho-unho), 2.Hazrat Umar-bin-Abdul Aziz (rematullahalaih), 3.Mullah Omar (damat-barkatahum). From today let's spend every moment in "ishq-e-rasool" and remember the "Saviour of humanity" by reciting darood excessively – sallahoalaihwasallam.

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