Mirza likely to get ‘responsibilities’ before general polls

Former Sindh Home Minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza is likely to be awarded key responsibilities before the general polls.
According to well-placed sources, President Asif Ali Zardari arrived at Mirza House twice and held meetings with him. During these meetings, important issues regarding political situation and matters which led to misunderstandings and cracks among the party leadership came under discussion.
On the other hand, Faryal Talpur and Mirza family has also reached consensus over the issues which were root cause of Zulfiqar Mirza stepping down from his position.
Sources claimed that President Zardari has also handed over the responsibility of reorganising and activating party in the province regarding preparation for next general polls to Zulfiqar Mirza.

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  1. shahid said:

    L oat ke Budhoo Ghar ko aaye………… yeh sara pre conceved script ka hisa hae

  2. observer (UK) said:

    You squandered tremendous amount of respect and goodwill Dr Zulfikar Mirza by creating a false sense of your shortlived role to combat the menace of MQM. You, Dr Mirza, were accorded a warm reception wherever you went in the UK and then you suddenly disappeared from the horizon. People feel betrayed by your disappearance. Those, who said that you were launched by AZ to play a scripted role to act as an opponent of MQM, were absolutely right. No one will believe you any more.

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