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Rural areas without garbage disposal system

The rural areas of the Federal Capital do not have a proper mechanism in place to dispose off the garbage from the area. Despite claims, the authority concerned had failed to launch any project for garbage disposal in the underdeveloped areas.
For long the locals had been disposing off garbage on self help basis in empty plots where it kept on piling up, and as a result had made the residents vulnerable to diseases and pollution related ailments. After some time, the entire garbage heap had to be burnt to make room for more garbage.
While talking to agencies, residents of the rural area expressed concern over the situation and apathy of the authorities.
They said that the administration had not placed garbage drums or identified any points from where the garbage could be collected. They said that they were left without any other option which had compelled them to use the empty plots.
Asif Ali, a resident of Kuri said that it was unfortunate that their area had been neglected ever since Islamabad was declared the federal capital. Another resident of the area, Waqas Ali, said that the accumulated garbage also posed a health hazard to the locals. “There have been increasing complaints of skin and other diseases,” he said.
Aysha Umer, a resident of Bara Kaho, had similar concerns. “My children are falling sick every other week,” she said. “These sites serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes because of which malaria is quite common here,” she added.
When contacted, an official of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) said that the CDA would establish a solid waste system for disposing off the waste material in the rural areas.
While providing the details, he said garbage drums would be installed in Sihala, Koral, Tarlai, Bhara Kahu, Phul gran and Rawat. The sanitary workers would lift the garbage and would dispose it off at the designated points, he added.

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  1. mariam said:

    sir/maam the picture you have put up in reference to garbage disposal in Islamabad is of India -.-

  2. Caine Meeks said:

    There doesn't seem to be any mechanism at all judging by that picture. It's got to be pretty bad for trash to take up half the road. I can only hope the Pakistani government does something about this dirty problem before people start getting sick from all that trash.

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