French magazine publishes blasphemous cartoons

A French satirical magazine published blasphemous cartoons on Wednesday, a move that could further inflame tensions after violent protests in the Muslim world over an anti-Islam film.
The cover of Charlie Hebdo shows a Muslim in a wheelchair being pushed by an Orthodox Jew under the title “Intouchables 2”, referring to an award-winning French film about a poor black man who helps an aristocratic quadriplegic.
Another cartoon on the back page of the weekly magazine shows a blasphemous caricature inspired by a 1963 film starring French film star Brigitte Bardot.
Charlie Hebdo’s website crashed on Wednesday after being bombarded with comments that ranged from hate mail to approbation. The magazine is no stranger to controversy over issues relating to Islam.
Last year it published an edition “guest-edited” by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that it called Sharia Hebdo. The magazine’s offices in Paris were subsequently fire-bombed. French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said anyone offended by cartoons could take the matter to the courts after expressing his “disapproval of all excesses”.
But he emphasized France’s tradition of free speech. “We are in a country where freedom of expression is guaranteed, including the freedom to caricature,” he said on RTL radio.
“If people really feel offended in their beliefs and think there has been an infringement of the law — and we are in a state where laws must be totally respected — they can go to court,” Ayrault said.
He also said a request to hold a demonstration in Paris against the controversial US-made anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims” which has sparked furious protests across the Muslim world would be refused.
Charlie Hebdo’s latest move was greeted with immediate calls from political and religious leaders for the media to act responsibly and avoid inflaming the current situation.
The magazine’s editor, originally a cartoonist who uses the name Charb, denied he was being deliberately provocative at a delicate time. “The freedom of the press, is that a provocation?” he said. “I’m not asking strict Muslims to read Charlie Hebdo, just like I wouldn’t go to a mosque to listen to speeches that go against everything I believe.”
Dalil Boubakeur, the senior cleric at Paris’s biggest mosque, appealed for France’s four million Muslims to remain calm.
“It is with astonishment, sadness and concern that I have learned that this publication is risking increasing the current outrage across the Muslim world,” he said.
“I would appeal to them not to pour oil on the fire.”
France’s Muslim Council, the community’s main representative body, also appealed for calm in the face of “this new act of Islamaphobia”.

Meanwhile,a group calling itself the Guardian of Honour of the Prophet, SAW – an abbreviation for the Arabic May Allah Pray on Him and Grant Him peace – claimed it was responsible.
“We don’t promote violence, instead we peacefully put the down the website that had posted blasphemous content today,” the group said in a statement sent to ProPakistani, a technology website. Also, fresh protests erupted in the Muslim world Wednesday over the anti-Islam film
More than 30 people have been killed in attacks or violent protests linked to the controversial US-made film “Innocence of Muslims”, including 12 people who died in an attack by a female suicide bomber in Afghanistan on Tuesday.
In Pakistan, up to 500 lawyers managed to break through a gate to Islamabad’s heavily-guarded diplomatic enclave.
Wearing headbands inscribed with “Lovers of Prophet, Death to the blasphemer”, the protesters laid a US flag on the ground and walked over it one by one. Later they burned the flag before the rally ended peacefully.
About 1,000 protesters took to the streets in eastern Afghanistan, blocking a key road to Kabul and chanting “Death to America” and “Death to the enemies of Islam.” Muslim men and women in Buddhist-majority Sri Lanka also staged their first demonstration on Wednesday, with several hundred gathering in the capital Colombo near the US embassy to denounce the film. Women used broom sticks to beat photographs of Obama while men threw slippers at US and Israeli flags.

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  1. aijazhaider said:

    ATTENTION: Mr.Arif Nizami, Mr.Bilal Zaidi, Madam Rabia Ahmed, Miss Nazia, and readers of Pakistan Today, I request you all to read very carefully "French Magazine Publishes Blasphemous Cartoons" and then decide / comment who is at fault?:
    1. The French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault and Charlie Hebdo’s magazine’s editor, originally a cartoonist, Charb, or,
    2. Dalil Boubakeur, France’s Muslim Council and Guardians of Honour of the Prophet, (SAW)?
    Use your writing skills and rational thinking and take a pre-emptive joint action to make sure Pakistani Muslims react like the French Muslims. I am too exhausted and these anti-Islam idiots have decided to bring a new issue everyday, then sit back and watch us do what we do.

    • Nazia said:

      I am Mrs Nazia, now clearing at first step in another fly zone for any kind of further allegations that french is so called one of liberal culture in the world which is beyond the range of Muslim culture or eastern values.One can visit any museum of France and easily can judge that generation wise this nation is free of any kind of morals which are prohibited in Muslim societies.So what ever Muslims try to create violence it would hurt millions of Muslim living and settled in France for many many years and they have big contribution there and here in Pakistan too.
      So actually it is our narrow mindedness and extreme possessiveness without any foundation that we don't accommodate so called liberal and try to force our ideas, ambitions and religious belief on others by disturbing our lives and living areas.

      • aijazhaider said:

        Mrs Nazia, pardon me for writing "Miss", i usually mess up things by making wild (but innocuous) guesses. You are right, "Muslim living and settled in France for many many years and they have big contribution there and here in Pakistan too". They can further contibute by conveying the message and teachings of Islam to the French community by adhering to the moral values of Islam. I want the Pakistani Muslims to react like the French Muslims in a non-violent manner but sending a strong message to people like Charb. I disagree strongly with your statement "So actually it is our narrow mindedness and extreme possessiveness without any foundation that we don't accommodate so called liberal and try to force our ideas, ambitions and religious belief on others", because I have requested columns and comments and not violent public reaction. However, the Pakistan Government should take hardline action (see my comments on the decision about Friday holiday). Continued …. see below

        • Nazia said:

          These are the wild guess of Muslims those have brought us on cliff of mountain where one side is deep ditch and other is rough sea.The movie watched by people is very weak and it has nothing to project but strong media campaign was initiated to get multiple benefits of vested interests.
          All kind of reactions would produce counter reactions with same force and intensity so repetitive events of insult it self show what we should have done on priority bases and it is simply ignore, keep silent and avoid such situation where cheap confrontation cant get its roots and become poison spreading tree.Some times prevention is best remedy instead of curing sick minds.
          So no need of apologize just mark as record to avoid future blunders for others and other incident too.

          • aijazhaider said:

            My wild guesses are rare and not so dangerous. When our feelings are hurt by disrespect of the "Saviour of humanity, in fact, entire creation, (Salallahoalaihwasallam), the advise is always the same "ignore and keep silent". Silence is a good virtue but it becomes a crime in sitautions we have been ordered to speak. On seeing or hearing evil, it should be stopped by force, if force is not available, it should be strongly condemned by tongue or pen, if even this is not possible, one should feel sad and consider it wrong in the heart. The third level is the final level of imaan (faith). Not sometimes, prevention is always better than cure, but can you or anyone name a Muslim who has burnt the Holy Bible or Torah or disrepected Jesus or Moses (hazrat Essa and hazrat Moosa (alaihsalaam)? Silence on such issues is a moral and social crime equatable to sin for which we will be answerable in the hereafter to Allah and his prophets (alaihsalaam). It not a matter like PPP vs PML or JI vs MQM. Please realise the rating of the issue. Regards.

          • Nazia said:

            Have you heard this couplet( kindly excuse if some error found) which is not commonly used in popular poem of jigar muradabdee
            Ay barq ee tajlee koond zara tayar to hoon par yad rehay
            main moosa nahee jo dar jaoon
            main toor nahee jo jal joon
            jo chahy maqabal a jay
            so what is fear we have in our hearts if our faith is strong enough to counter such uneven situation that is planned for some purpose.
            Muslim don't disrespect other religion as they are all time busy to destroy their own norms and principles which are even ordered by Allah and HisProphets.

          • aijazhaider said:

            Jigar Muradabadee was a master poet. After having taken Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (RA) as his sheikh, he gave up drinkng, kept a beard ad went for hajj. On returning from hajj he said, "Chalo deikh aain tamasha jigar ka, sunaa hai wo kaafir musalmaan hogaa". The couplet you have mentioned is one of the followng ghazal:
            Ae jazbaa-e dil gar main chaahon her cheez muqaabil aajaaye,
            Manzil k liye do gaam chaloon aur saamne manzil aajaaye.
            Ae dil ki khalish chal yun hi sahee, chalta to hoon un ki mehfil main,
            Us waqt mujhe chonka dena jab rang pe mehfil aajaaye.
            Ae rehbar-e kaamil chalne ko tayyaar to honn per yaad rahe,
            Us waqt mujhe bhatka dena jab saamne manzil aajaaye.
            Haan yaad mujhe tum ker lena aawaaz mujhe tum de lena,
            Is raah-e muhabbat main koi dar-paish jo mushkil aajaaye.
            Ab kyun dhoondon wo chashm-e karam hone de sitam balaa-e sitam,
            Main chaahta hoon ae jazbaa-e gham mushkil pas-e mushkil aajaaye.
            Continued ……..see below……

          • Nazia said:

            Now you must understand why I picked this typical poetry.
            Here in your reply you got the answer of your queries how to stop this wave of blasphemy.You see my pointed couplet comes some kind of range of blasphemy but at this era people were more liberal than what we see these days and nobody made a fatwa to kill him but they loved him and ultimately poet turned to be pious Muslim.

          • aijazhaider said:

            In urdu poetry, it is called something like "tajahul-e-arifana", not blasphemy, when a poet praises himself. I am not a urdu scholar, please contact one. One poet (a devout muslim) has said,
            "dil ke muaamlaat mein kiya doosron ko daql?,
            taeed-e-eezdee (endorsement by Allah) bhi gawara nahi hamein." This is not blasphemy, poets are excusable. However,one couplet of Ahmed Faraz (may Allah forgive him – Ameen) is blasphemous, but i am confident that he had repented and was forgiven by Allah. The couplet is, (May Allah forgive me for repeating it, the poet and those who read this comment – Ameen):
            "ab rasoolon ki kitabein taaq pe rakh do faraz,, nafraton ke ye saheefey umr bhar dehkey ga kon?"
            May Allah forgive me, late Ahmad Faraz and all those who have read this couplet and delete it from our minds – Ameen. This couplet of Jigar is the best of the ghazal you reminded me of:
            "Is jazba-e-dil ke baare main ek mashwara tum se leta hoon,
            Us waqt mujhe kya laazim hai jab tujh pe meraa dil aajaaye?
            Any suggestion mashwara ? Regards.

          • Nazia said:

            This comes also in "tajahul-e-arifana", not blasphemy,??
            Khuada kay wastay parada na kaabay sa uttah zalim
            kaheen aisa na ho yehan beeh wohi kafir sanam niklay.

            so poet , artist and evil minded groups are not controlled by human driven constraints and that is what I am trying to convince you that we the so called normal people should give them benefit of doubt for their natural inbuilt skills.
            Again pressed button of auto reverse
            "Is jazba-e-dil ke baare main ek mashwara tum se leta hoon,
            Us waqt mujhe kya laazim hai jab tujh pe meraa dil

            very simple and easy say 100 times
            aozbillah mianshitun ner a haeem
            ( ay Allah main panha mangta hoon shaitan say)
            and then say Astahghfurrallah 200 times thrice a day
            hope Allah and his Prophet would be there to guide you as you people cant hear good advice of normal people.

          • aijazhaider said:

            Mrs.Nazia, I have heard your good advice and read the prescribed wazifa, but please reduce the numbers (the wazifa is too long), i have to do other things as well. By the way, how many mureeds (or mureednees) do you have? I am feeling a bit tired now, but for reminding me of Jigar, I will quote Khawaj Meer Dard's four couplets – enjoy!:
            Tohmat-e-chandd apne zimma dher chaley, Jis liye aye thy ham so kar chaley,
            Zindagi hai ya koi tofaan hai, Ham to is jeeney ke hathoon mar chaley,
            Kya hamein kaam un gulo’on se aey saba, Aik dam aye idher, oodher chaley,
            Dosto dekha tamasha yaan ka bass, Tum raho, ab, ham to apne gher chaley,
            This "intensedebate" has exhausted me and I can feel the "dard – pain". Count me out of it.
            "Dard kuch maloom hai ye log sub, kis taraf se aaye they keedhar chaley?
            You have distracted me and I have lost track of the debate.
            Fellas at intensedebate,don't blame me! Regards and Allah Hafiz.

          • Nazia said:

            Oh so sad this exhausted as you are not used to of positive discussion.In whole discussion I gave you many aspects of blasphemy and proved that more you would concentrate on it more your will misuse your creative energy.So one should come out towards positive living as prescribed by Allah and his Prophet and we will start ignoring such mental shits of few culprits which are planned purposely knowing well what could be its reaction as said by Jon in last comments.
            You are badly in need of long wazifa to distract you what you usually do as extra curricular activities so try this as much as possible it would protect you from ghost and witches too.

  2. r2d2 said:

    I think govt should declare a double holiday now so that people can burn more buildings and cars and more if they can get an opportunity!

  3. khalid said:

    It's all bin laden's fault ,world was more peaceful place before him.

    • Nazia said:

      It is bin laden first fault when he was blue boy of CIA and launched operation in Russian states or when he run away from his initial targets and announced war against CIA by destroying peace of Afghanistan and Pakistan?
      Or he was in fault when he moved to Abbottbad on his honeymoon package with three wives .

      • khalid said:

        I am not sure if you agreeing or disagreeing but these cartoons and movies,terrorism, drones etc . are all bin laden's and his alqaeda's gifts to us because of his stupid act of 9/11.

        • Nazia said:

          These are only your assumptions but these can be put in different categories.Movies and cartoons are intentional or unintentional acts of human minds to create disturbances in surroundings and earn something though this cheap publicity that can ensue racial and ethnic violence in any community.Drones and 911 are highly planned activities done under ruling and controlling groups to spread war culture on massive scale. So OBL name , his work all helped CIA and NATO forces to spread war culture and defame Muslim community all over the world.

  4. Muhammad Younus Butt said:

    France and U.K are the main source of atart of anti-Islam centres.In these two countries all these activities are being initiated by an organised and full cooperation and patronage by the indoor and anti-islam elements sponsred by these governments.
    we must not trust all these governments including their godfather America.We must not accept and always the so-called co-operations and aids will not not honoured by the muslims countries.they are fooling us and in return getting lots of benefits.we must be alert and will never depend on these greedy countires who want to make us slaves by donating aids in shape of DOLLARS AND POUNDS.They wish to buy muslims in those ways.We will never accept their donations,aids and assistances in any way.

    • Jon said:

      Sorry….but anyone with the name of Muhammad is probably suffering from a cultural bias; so these sort of comments need to be read in context. However, in response to your comment – I wonder which country provides the biggest contributions to foreign aid to your country..? Could it be one of the immoral and corrupt western powers that you all riot and go crazy to denounce. One day my friend the US, UK, Australia, Germany and the rest of the world's SUPERPOWERS will finally conclude that you are all a lost cause and withdraw their financial support – and let you idiots just kill yourself. That's the only thing that you seem to be good at.

  5. aijazhaider said:

    Continuation of the reply to Mrs.Nazia: The culprits must be punished to discourage this mis-use of freedom of expression, but by their own governments. Insha-Allah, i will deal with them single-handedly, since nobody else is interested, until "freedom of expression" is redefined to ensure other's feelings are not hurt. Breaking hearts is no less crime than breaking or burning buildings. Re: your comment about Bin Laden, why did the highly efficient, well-equipped and well-informed CIA lose track of its blue boy? CIA could have easily, if it wanted to, get hold of Bin Ladin and prevent damages by him (according to the US theory, because i am convinced that he did not have the resources to effect 9/11, and the real culprits behind 9/11 are still at large in the US). Leave this for some other time. Sorry again, "Mrs. Nazia".

    • Nazia said:

      Apology recorded and you have to record it too.We Muslims cant think more than punishment, reaction or possessiveness of our thoughts.we cant control evils of millions of people but can easily bury their heads on sand for this intentional acts as thy want marketing of cheap projects this way.I belong to talkative and discussable community but for such groups I strictly follow the rule that silence is not only safer for Muslim community it is the best comeback as said by
      ourProphets and it can pin the hearts of crook and evil minded people. So why we Muslims dont adopt simple and peaceful ways of tackling such situation instead of complicated and violence led moves.

      • aijazhaider said:

        Apology recorded. Simple and peaceful ways have been adopted in the past, but have not worked. Please elaborate what will work in such situations. Violence is totally out of discussion. I want guidance on how to react without violence and without silence. No violence – agreed, but also no silence. What simple and peaceful (but result-oriented) ways do you (or any reader of PT) suggest to put an end to, or at the least discourage these continuous attempts to hurt our feelings? I am waiting for your and others' comments and suggestions. We must reach a concrete conclusion acceptable to all and not end this debate until the goal is achieved. All are invited to participate. Let this not be a discussion between two persons only. Regards.

  6. Nazia said:

    Silence on violence and mad situation itself by pass disaster for innocent victims. Silence has strong protesting power specially for those who are used to of each other.Here the sock minded groups taking stories of blasphemy and insult are direly dependent on violence created groups of fanatics Both support each other to create hatred atmosphere for Muslims who are deeply emerged in western and developed countries. So If I am living in safe environment it doesn't mean I should be allowed to throw stones on other disturbed status.The civilised ways are silence, ignore, or take another platform of common interests to stream line constructive ideas which would surely swap this war of blasphemy and sacrilegious materials.These train of events have some purpose that foundation was laid on911 incident and our civilised approach of organised ignorance can act as an effective tool to eradicate these ideas.

  7. Genesis said:

    Let me say that Islam is greater than a few cartoons or films.All religions have their baiters and provocateurs and it is best to ignore them.The dogs bark but the caravan moves on!!

  8. aijazhaider said:

    Continuation of reply to Nazia:
    Is jazb-e dil ke baare main ik mashwara tum se leta hoon,
    Us waqt mujhe kya laazim hai jab tujh pe meraa dil aajaaye?
    Ae barq-e tajalli kyaa tu ne mujh ko bhi Moosa samjhaa hai?
    Main toor nahin jo jal jaaon jo chaahe muqaabil aajaaye!
    Thanks for remembering and reminding me of Jigar Muradabadee.

  9. Jon said:

    It's called 'Freedom of speech'… every religion in the world has been disrespected a million times; but only ONE religion reacts with violence. Don't these people ever ask themselves: why does the western world have such a high standard of living, health, education and stability..? Because they don't follow the religion of hate!

    • aijazhaider said:

      Your question "Don't………………………why does the western world have such a high standard of living, health, education and stability..? They know the Answer: The western world of yours has been given eveything here, there is nothing for you in the hereafter. All levels of paradise are reserved for those who respect their Creator and His messengers; just belief without respect is not enough. Only muslims react because others don't care. They follow the religion of their desires. Such a high standard of living, health, education and stability, with the lowest standard of moral respect of other's feelings, not personal, but of a community of billion . Take your high standards with you in the grave, then the angels will do the rest. May you rest in peace. Ameen. Nazia, please takeover, I have to go. Regards.

  10. Nazia said:

    Pakistan and Libya are under state of civil war controlled By US derivatives as their interests.This movie and its regarding violent protest is chain of this civil war what US management wants to show the world.have you seen such aggressiveness in Turkey, Iran, Malaysia Saudi or any where in west . So nothing to presume as both are action and reaction are controlled by same force.

  11. aijazhaider said:

    20th September was day of Meer Taqi Meer, some of his couplets for PT readers
    Faqeerana aye sada kar chale
    Miyaan khush raho ham dua kar chale
    Jo tujh bin na jeene ko kehte they ham
    So is ehad ko ab wafa kar chale
    Bahut arzoo thi gali ki teri
    So yaan se lahoo mein naha kar chale
    Jabeen sajda karte hi karte gyi
    Haq-e-bandagi ham ada kar chale. Had enough of this intensdebate. Allah hafiz.

    • Nazia said:

      Ok ok calm down we listened your adieu message and wish you best of luck for your new joruney .You give up in early stage of discussion as consequences of this violent protest on the name of blasphemy is still coming on .. any how once again take care with prescribed wazifa

  12. raza said:

    molvis…call it a day-
    "A-laisa minkum rajulun rasheed". Alquran.
    Dont u have a single wise man?

  13. aijazhaider said:

    It was not an adieu message. I just needed two hours' break, and now i am back in business. You can take a break. Forget about giving up, I'll continue even after the culprits are decapitated. The wazifa isn't working, in fact, it is back-firing and again Jigar's (i'm not sure about the poet) couplets are taunting, rather haunting me:
    "mareez-e-mohabbat unhee ka fasana, sunata raha dum nikaltey nikatey"
    and a song filmed on late Waheed Murad:
    "jab sham dhalee, tum yaad aaye, hum duur chaley aaye, is aas ke saaey saaey"
    Please prescribe another wazifa: I also remembered Faiz, "Gulon mein rung bharey, baad-e-naubahar chaley, chaley bhee aao ke gulshan ka karobar chaley". Well, i live in gulshan-e-iqbal, karachi, KU Campus, to be exact. Oops! pray nobody read this comment.

    • Nazia said:

      violent protest is still going on
      Ay khuda mejh say no lay meray gumhoon ka hisab
      mery daman main askhoon kay sawa koch bhee nahee

      so by protesting in violent ways we proved our credibility and inclination toward aggression ,over possessiveness or what those culprits want to prove.
      You are idiot of own kind as I have already told you that I can only try but it is God and Prophet who can only guide people like u by coming to your sweet dreams.

  14. aijazhaider said:

    Continuation of comment above:
    "zindagi hai ya koi tufaan hai, hum to is jeeney ke haaton mar chaley" (Meer Taqi Meer).
    Its 12:50 now, "tum jo chaho so karo, hum to bas ab soney chaley" (Ustaad Aijaz Haider immitating Ustaad Meer Taqi Meer with due apology to him and the readers).

  15. Nazia said:

    If you share such kind of uncontrollable poetry to your real better half I am sure she wont leave you in moments when you become desperate/ violated and create tension for others.For PT readers it is some kind of real punishment to read your forced couplets which have no link with the topic.Yes you are given right message to outer world what Islam was taught to them through ISI Islamic network and it is almost 180 degree opposite to what was assigned to ouR PROPHET 14 hundred years back but thanks to our danger duffers who given new Pakistani shape to this religion and whole world is recording it and sooner Pakistan would be declared the most dangerous Islamic nuclear power of Pakistan

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