5 dead sheep found among 3,000 illegally kept near Karachi

The authorities raided a private farm in Malir district on Wednesday night, and found five dead sheep among a herd of 3,000 being kept secretly, a private TV channel reported.
According to Geo News, the dead sheep were bleeding in their mouths, and belonged to the batch of 21,000 infected sheep purchased by a Pakistani importer from an Australian vessel, which was stranded in the Arabian Sea after Bahrain refused to accept the consignment on suspicions of a viral infection commonly known as Scabby Mouth.
According to a doctor at the Sindh Livestock Department, the exact cause of sheep’s death would be ascertained in investigation. “However, from the way these sheep were bleeding from their mouth, it appears that they were sick,” he added.
The authorities had earlier received a report which alleged that an attempt was made to hide the sheep imported from Australia. A government team, acting on a tip-off, raided a compound near a private farm in Malir district and found the sheep at the facility.
According to Malir Deputy Commissioner Qazi Jan Muhammad, around 3,000 sheep were hidden away by the importer at a compound, which was sealed after recovering the sheep.
‘Stop Culling’: On the other hand, the Australian exporter of the infected sheep, which are currently being culled, has called for credible and independent inspection of the animals by international experts to determine if the allegedly infected sheep are fit for human consumption.
Stephen Meerwald, managing director of the Wellard Rural Exports (WRE), said on Wednesday that “misconceptions” in the media and other circles were “very damaging” for Australian livestock sector, and more dangerous for Pakistani meat exports that earn millions of dollars for Pakistan. He said he was optimistic that the results of independent investigations would show that the sheep were fit for human consumption, while asking internationally renowned experts, accredited with the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), to carry out tests on animals to see if they were fit for human consumption. He demanded that the culling of the imported animals be stopped immediately until findings by independent experts were available.

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  1. Reality said:

    Media propoganda against an honest business man. A great scheme to destroy the reputation and business of a man who was not able to pay off those who matter.

    How can state allegations as facts. Why don’t they show proof. This is absolutely disgusting!

    These people are vaccinated and are tested. That’s a fact.
    There is no testing and vaccination of sheep in Pakistan. That’s a fact.

  2. Basil said:

    I am adamantly opposed to the live export of our animals to countries overseas for slaughter. The cruelty, suffering and pain is inherent in such a trade and there is no acceptable reason why animals should ensure such atrocities.

    However, I am left to wonder why the Pakistan Govt didnt know about the importation of the 21000 sheep. Was the arrangement simply between the AU exporter and the Pakistani importer with no Govt involvement? This is strange given the AU Govt proudly stated that welfare rules have been implemented and apply to Pakistan which naturally enough leads us to believe the Pakistani Govt knew the sheep were to arrive.

    Further, regardless of the real or perceived disease status of the sheep, is it possible that Pakistan does not wish to upset their friends the Bahraini's by taking the sheep?

    This intolerable fiasco means the animals will continue to suffer while countries are playing diplomatic games.

    There is NO way of preventing disasters…we had an MOU with Bahrain which meant absolutely nothing. This fact was known by all Australians who oppose this vile and cruel trade in souls.

    There is NO compassion, NO care and NO respect for the animals which are dying or ill….which is why live animal exports will stop.

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