Governor Sindh directly responsible for the murder of Abdul Wahid

Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi’s prominent worker and social figure Abdul Wahid, who was martyred a day earlier by police near governor house, was laid to rest, here on Wednesday.
He was buried at a local graveyard in Malir Town and his funereal prayer, lead by JI Sindh Amir Asadullah Bhutto, was offered at Quaid’s mausoleum near JI headquarters.
A large number of JI workers, besides relatives of Abdul Wahid and residents of the area were also present at the funereal prayer.
Speaking on the occasion, JI leader Bhutto said that both Pervez Mehmood and Abdul Wahid sacrificed their lives in struggle against extortion and injustice. He said that the brave personalities were punished for their struggle against terrorist elements.
He further said that governor Sindh was directly responsible for the murder of Abdul Wahid. The fatal bullet that targeted JI worker was fired from governor house as it hit Wahid at chest and then moved downwards.
He said that the bullets were sprayed on peaceful JI workers on the direction of governor. He demanded that the governor, who was indeed directly involved in killings, should be dismissed and undergone through judicial inquiry.
Bhutto said that Muttahida Qaumi Movement couldn’t spoil the struggle of JI through its nefarious tactics of terrorism. Terming the strike a referendum, he predicted that MQM’s rule on gunpoint in the city was ahead of a logical end. He said that masses in Karachi slapped on the face of MQM through such a successful strike and proved that Karachities were sick of terrorism and wouldn’t tolerate the rule of might, politics of extortion and corpses, any more in the city.
JI leader further said that about 100 workers of JI were arrested last night from their houses to foil the strike, which was quite a nefarious and anti-democratic tact and severe violation of basic and democratic right of people.
JI Karachi Amir Muhammad Hussain Mehnati said on the occasion that police killed Abdul Wahid on the behest of those, who killed Pervez Mehmood. He further said that people would bring rulers to their deserving end, if they continue their pro-terrorists stance.
JI Karachi secretary general Naseem Siddiqui, JI leader Usama Razi and brother of martyred Rashid also expressed their views.

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