Anglican church in Iran, Pakistan, Persian Gulf condemns anti-Islam film

Members of the Anglican Church in Iran, Pakistan and the Persian Gulf issued a statement on Wednesday condemning production and showing of an anti-Islam film on the internet or on any other media outlets anywhere.
“Christians strongly believe in harmonious existence and understanding among people of all faiths especially among the people of Abrahamic faiths with their roots in believing in one God revealed in their Holy Scriptures,” said the statement a copy of which was sent to IRNA news agency.
It added, “In concordance with our Muslim neighbors in Iran, Pakistan and the Persian Gulf, we demand that international media leaders to develop a code of conduct which will stop hateful anti-religious views to be promoted, provoking the sentiments of millions of people across the globe.”
The statement also demanded that international bodies like the United Nations and the World Council of Church, “to expedite the formation of international laws prohibiting such moves and declaring them illegal and punishable crimes in the future.”
The statement was published after the release of a US-made anti-Islam film led to mass anti-US reactions worldwide, in the Islamic world in particular.

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