Malik asks Interpol SG to block anti-Islamic material on Internet

Interior Minister A.Rehman Malik asked Interpol Secretary General Ronald K Noble to take up the matter with all major search engines to ensure blocking of all anti-Islamic material on the Internet as it is highly detrimental to the war on terror besides sparking worldwide protests.
The interior minister made this request through a letter written to Interpol secretary general on 14th September 2012.
He asked Nobel to take up the matter with all major search engines to ensure that they blocked all anti-Islamic material on the internet as it was disturbing the international partnership against the war of terror, besides instigating violent protests around the world.
“We have signatures that there are certain elements who engineered such anti-Islamic, anti-religious slogans, videos and audios. They are damaging the interfaith harmony and are therefore highly dangerous to the world”, Malik said.
He emphasized on Nobel to take cognizance of the matter and make it mandatory for search engines to block any anti-Islamic material which was being circulated on Internet.
The Interpol may also work out a draft legislation to effectively counter such moves of the criminals which disturbed interfaith harmony and which could ultimately hurt world peace, he continued.
Talking about effective legislation over the subject, Malik said that a draft could be placed before the coming United Nations General Assembly meeting in Rome.
He said “I would also try to highlight to the world the negativity which such hate and blasphemous material can cause to the collective interests of everybody fighting for a peaceful world”.