CJ praises lawyers’ struggle for independent judiciary

Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has praised efforts of legal fraternity for their struggle during movement as unprecedented in the judicial history of the country.
Talking to a delegation of lawyers from Toba Tek Singh, which called upon him, he said that the struggle of lawyers for restoration of independent judiciary, rule of Law and supremacy of Constitution was praiseworthy.
The members of the delegation discussed issues and matters of interest with CJP, and while thanking him for sparing time from his busy schedule, also praised his efforts to purge judiciary of corrupt practices, restoring true confidence of public in judiciary.
They also appreciated the role and commitment by the superior judiciary especially by Chief Justice to take revolutionary steps under Constitution for the betterment of judiciary; while also informing him that the movement for restoration of judiciary instilled a new spirit, providing a common platform to lawyers to cooperate with each other.
They also apprised him that public confidence in courts had been enhanced due to speedy justice being provided at the doorsteps of the public at large.
The delegation invited Chief Justice to visit Toba Tek Singh Bar, at which the Chief Justice conveyed his gratitude, and extended his thanks while assuring the delegation to visit them at their Toba Tek Singh at a suitable time.

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  1. gmab said:

    does anyone else see the nonsense of CJ praising himself the movement that got him restored. Is he a retard or what?

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