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Talibanization and politics

The turbulent Pakistani politics continues to deal with mishmash and Talibanization. The fear of Taliban is on the up

The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has threatened Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Chief Nawaz Sharif and his brother Shahbaz Sharif, with assassination. Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Fakhar Imam and the head of the Shia Ulema Council Pakistan Allama Sajid Naqvi have also made it to the list of targeted ones.

Taliban are sprawling into more depths and stimulating the situation by threatening different sectors of the politics. One does not find ample reasons to understand that why some of the political parties fall fearful before Taliban when together a stance can be taken to bring the ship out of the desert.

Gazing upon certain incidents when the loyal becomes disloyal to his own royalties, Major (retd) Haroon Ashiq, a former Pakistan Army commando who played in the hands of Al-Qaeda and tricked out November 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, was later freed without any flies on him. The witnesses were also pushed to withdraw their testimony as they couldn’t bear the burden of consequences later. Sadly, Major (retd) Haroon Ashiq, had spilled the beans regarding this strategy of Al-Qaeda to the journalist Saleem Shahzad.

The entire episode begun to shape up differently, Saleem Shahzad was reluctant to seal his lips up and penned down extensively about Haroon Ashiq. The journalist invited the dreadful fate and was mercilessly killed. Saleem Shahzad who once was spilling the beans became a riddle —- subject of inquiry himself.

Since the fear of Taliban has made swift foray into the upcoming elections, many political parties have been busy in tightening their oars. Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) hasn’t buried the hatchet with PPP and ANP as it has killed many of their leaders. If not killed, TTP has surely tried to kill and threaten many of their leaders. PML-N has flipped its policies lately after it has been clearly threatened to have its chairman Nawaz Sharif and his brother get killed. PML-N is extending its olive branches towards a banned Sipah-e-Sahaba in Punjab for the security reasons. Not only this, PML-N has enabled distance with organizations supporting ‘war on terror”. Lately, it has also been perceived that PML-N has embraced anti- Americanism to have extensive security.

TTP doesn’t seem to be ignoring Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) but by far no claims have been made up against the strategy of PTI. The sole reason to be stated is probably that PTI always burst up against US invasion into the territory of Pakistan and its invasion into the matters relating to Pakistan only. Also, PTI believes to have a ceasefire with Taliban in order to solve the prevailing issues and problems, but Imran Khan’s next rally in Waziristan is highly threatened by Taliban. Imran Khan must not be taking things regarding entering lion’s den easy peasy.

TTP has been sprawling its impact left right and center lately; it has unplugged the hold of PPP, ANP and MQM in Karachi. It has inserted in its methodologies and took the complete charge and hold of major sectors of Karachi. The ample reason begins to pop up as we are proceeding closer towards the elections 2013. The TTP will surely leave its mark on the coming election and it may have a less hostile attitude towards political parties who are revising their political strategies. Political parties which have been up in support for US and “war on terror” are backtracking to attain immunity by changing their entire stance on the episode of terrorism.

Seemingly, many people are forming their political teams thinking it’s a cake work to join in and win instantly. Amongst all, Dr A Q Khan has delivered his new political party in order to achieve the goals for the betterment of Pakistan and vice versa. There are sea of speculations flooding that TTP can kidnap Dr A Q khan to develop nuclear device, the device can be used against America and the rest of the world.

Taliban becoming a factor in Pakistani politics in general and elections in particular is owed to the gradual collapse of the outreach of the state. Nothing short of a grand political consensus against terrorism – somewhat like the grand consensus against America – is needed before things get back to normal.

Taliban are swiftly moving towards accomplishment of their desired aims and objectives. By far it is the one to be feared extensively as all the political parties are bound to surrender before TTP. PPP, ANP and PML-N have seemingly flipped and discarded their previous policies where they were openly supporting Americanization and “war on terror”. With the recent threats doing the rounds, the ingredient of Taliban seems to be leaving its obvious mark. Leading political parties in order to be in a win-win situation are apparently falling obedient to the demands of the TTP.

The element of Taliban is splashing out; it’s to no surprise that the impact of Taliban and its subsidiary TTP is hovering on the minds of leading political parties; Imran Khan must also take the threats regarding his rally in Waziristan not lightly.

Although, it is highly believed that Imran Khan will not conduct his rallies in the North and South Waziristan because it isn’t practically viable to take one hundred thousand people with you to Waziristan. Pakistan must prevail as a progressive society – a liberal Pakistan – and we must not fold up the actions taken on “war on terror” already. We have invested a lot of strength in demolishing the extremist mindset; enormous bloodshed should not end in vain. We must stand tall and strong to fight back the terrorism and should not fear Taliban.

The writer is a journalist based in Lahore and is working for South Asian Media Net.

Hassan Naqvi

The writer is an Islamabad-based senior investigative journalist who covers politics, economy and militancy. He can be reached at: [email protected]; and on Twitter @hassannaqvi5.

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  1. Nazia said:

    This is very interested that in most of attack of TTP as claimed have been on common people or security personals who are unaware of depth of this war.
    Rehman malik, Gneral shahid hamid. COAS, ISI chiefs, core commanders all are out of range of these TTP living in VIPs areas of Pakistan.
    Almost in all attacks on Pakistani bases those equipments were attacked which are basically bought to counter Indian attack.They never went to that bases from where drones were set or never ever stopped the way of NATO containers which have to travel 2000 km before reaching Afghanistan.So I am still unable to understand the real goal of this proclaimed TTP.

    • Amir said:

      @Nazia…Interesting thoughts on TTP. I wasn't aware that TTP was as organized as the author has indicated. It is possible that there are far more deaths among the common population than the VIP because of the level of security provided to the latter. But there have been incidents where high profile Army officers were targetted and killed. At least I can think of one where a Brig. was killed via a blast. I have not read anywhere that in all attacks on the basis, only the equipment supplied to counter India was destryoed. I believe that this perception is not true.
      Now, to the TTP. This is a cancer that needs to be treated otherwise, either there will be no country left or whatever left will be thrown far back into the stone ages because of the idiology. TTP needs to be eliminated systematically. We should look at Isreal and the way it has survived over decades through sheer intelligence. We should be able to adopt similar techniques to eliminate TTP's leadership.

      • Nazia said:

        Wah ordinance had an attak and it is regular supplier of explosive chemicals which are supplied to Kashmir border and Marriott bombing was also done through this explosive chemical .
        P3 orions at Karachi base and awacs at kamra base were the targets.P3 orions not once but were twice destroyed in our land once with all crew and 2ndly through this terrorist attack.With in month this order was placed and in months this was reached to our bases.Normally this planes need year to deliver but here all budget is immediately granted as Pak army consider it self weak on its southern border if this technology is not in their hands.The group who get orders of these destroyed planes are ex naval and air force officer and millions are earned as commission. so its game of dollars not patriotism or security measures.

        • Nazia said:

          TTP or so called terrorist are dangerously organized as they have been trained on base of faith and hatred.GHQ and parade lane RWP attacks were clear example of their perfection that our hard areas security forces remain paralyzed for hours and when thrice of power was used then situation come under control.I asked many times to some so called intelligence officers if terrorists would have weak or coward they picked CMH or MH a weak approach just in front of GHQ but they picked our hardest base in softest manner so one can judge their caliber while listening our highly motivated defense song.
          Parade lane attackers runaway swiftly in movement as they achieved their targets killing of son of ex core commander of Peshwar and few others who come in their ways.In all this they used photographs to verify their targets so you can judge it .Our ex COAS yOUSF was running away from roof of this mosque with the help of few kids as he couldn't jump huge wall in confusion or panic.

  2. Dr.M.M.Khan said:

    Pakistanis are used to living in a culture of fear all the time!Under a military ruler the ISI rules by fear. One disappears without a trace. Under a civilian Govt. the judges seek refuge in military cantonements. Now we live under the fear of TTP. Basically we are cowards and refuse to stand up and fight the fear. We want somebody else to carry the can! Some time the fear of the fear is greater than fear itself. Let us conquer this malignancy by the same means employed by those who frighten us.

  3. manihammad said:

    Interesting piece, yes it is about time that we start taking this factor and accept it, We are living in world of denial till now and it would bring us no good. TTP is there and it is the need of time to stand up united against them but the state and present structure is so weak that they cant look beyond saving themselves. To tackle this issue one needs proper strategy and unity among our ranks

  4. pashtunyar said:

    The talibans are merely pawns in a much bigger game! The taliban are simpletons who couldnt have accomplished anything without the support of the 'deep state'! I am a civilian and has a poor understanding of tactical and strategic matters but why we dont attack north waziristan remains a mystery to me?

  5. skhanzada said:

    Great Job, Its interesting to see their actions presented like this. It proves they act methodologically and strategically. We have this misconception that just because they are "barbaric" and "simpletons" in their ideology, there acts of violence are random. This article clearly shows that they have a masterminded strategy. Not going to lie, thats kinda Scary!

  6. bilal naqvi said:

    A really good piece of work. People will now get to know more about the ttp organisation in pakistan.

  7. Shirazi said:

    We need to go back to roots and eridicate the fear or else the talibanisation process will continure.

  8. sattar rind said:

    the issue would not be solved with this well written article. we need something more than this one. the Taliban become big issue for survival of Pakistan and as rational nation in the world. who can do that? that's question and every one knows the answer.

  9. lista sutton said:

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  10. bukhari said:


    While arrogance of might entails a tendency to war.

    The frustration caused by oppression leads to violence.

    The mighty caused the oppressed to be divided, thereby generating violent groups.

    As a result, the resources of the powerful get dissipated for tackling such violent groups.

    However, the war effort gets rendered beholden to the interest of the equipment and ammunition lobbies who manoeuvre continuance of the war till annihilation of the mighty.


    The present time demands repentance by the mighty which would transform, on the one hand, its war effort into kindness and, on the other, violence of the oppressed into tolerance.

    While evil resorts to war to win over the mind, good propagates kindness to appeal to the heart. It need not be stated that the cost in men and materials is for less for appealing, with kindness, to the heart than expense required for the effort involved in wining over the mind.

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