Imran Farooq murdered for wanting to start afresh?

The mysterious killing of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Dr Imran Farooq in London back in 2010 has taken a new turn, as British investigators claim that Farooq was looking to start his political career afresh and that could be a reason for his gruesome murder.
Dr Farooq was once a leading figure in the MQM, but had taken a backseat and gone into exile in London. He lived there for several years before being murdered in Edgware area of London in September 2010. British newspaper The Guardian said in its September, 26, 2010 issue that the Scotland Yard investigation into the murder was secretly told that rows within his own party might have led to Farooq’s assassination.
It then quoted its sources as saying that Farooq might have been about to endorse or join a new party set up by a former Pakistani military dictator.
The reports had given partial credibility to conspiracy theories that the MQM was often hostile to its members who desired quitting the party.
However, British detectives said they believed Dr Farooq was planning to renew his political career before he was killed.
The murder is being investigated by Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism branch because of the political dimension to the killing.
The London Metropolitan Police filed a fresh appeal on Friday, saying Farooq’s decision to restart his new political career might have led to his assassination.
Police are asking anyone who was in contact with Dr Imran Farooq about his plans to get in touch with them so they can build up a picture of his political life. A reward of up £20,000 has been offered for anyone providing information that leads to Dr Farooq’s killer.
The Met believes his murder was planned and several people might have been involved.
Farooq, who was married and has two young sons, claimed asylum in UK in 1999 along with Altaf Hussain, the MQM chief.
Hussain, who also lives in exile in London, has said that “enemies of the MQM” killed Farooq and they would try to kill him as well.
On the other hand, the MQM shied away from a clear comment over the London police statement, but an important meeting was called at the MQM International Secretariat to discuss the astonishing development.
“Police’s version is new for us; we do believe that Dr Imran Farooq was densely committed to the MQM and its leadership. As far as hinting towards his independent political career is concerned, it is a story concocted by the police and nothing to do with us. Commenting on such statement is not the policy of MQM,” MQM sources told M Sarwar, a journalist based in London.
Dr Farooq was also reportedly busy writing his memoirs and wanted to publish a book based on his impressions and experience in politics, especially his association with the MQM.
It was stated that his draft papers were in the custody of his wife after his death and now a complete secret as his family is living in Karachi and had no contacts with others.
“New police statement is being taken as a challenge for the MQM leadership and may lead to a problematic situation in the days to come,” sources said.

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  1. pashtunyar said:

    MQM is a fascist organization. They have the media in their pockets(thats why we hear of Altaf bhai more than any other leader even though he isnt living in pak), and are engaged in terrorist and criminal activities in karachi! I am wouldnt be suprised Altaf ordered the killing himself!

    • aryanazlam said:

      i simply agree with pashtunyar comments though I am Punjabi whose son has married a pushtoon respectable lady

  2. Nazia said:

    This is typical game of Mqm .Those who try to change the track either would be jailed or killed and blame was put on other political group.So nothing surprise if he was killed in a city where he settled with other leaders of MQM for saving his life . He he was being sidelined by altaf hussin was obvious to all and who ever else have interest on his political career.

  3. pathanic heart said:

    altaf hussain is joggler and jocker man, he makes money with his jocks,and he has nothing to do wth politics my punjabi friends, and in pakistan there are no other jobs except politics.

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