Court orders presentation of challan in Rimsha Masih case on 17th

Islamabad Civil Judge Aamir Aziz on Friday expressed annoyance over non presentation of a challan by the police in Rimsha Masih case and directed the investigation officer to submit the complete challan on September, 17.
The civil judge took up the Rimsha Masih case for hearing on Friday. Counsel for initiator of the case Rao Abdul Rahim while raising objection over non appearance of the accused Rimsha Masih in the court and non presentation of the challan by the police took the plea that the Prime Minister of Pakistan appeared in the court so that contempt of court would not be committed, while on the other hand Rimsha Masih who was involved in committing the desecration of the Holy Quran did not appear in the court. The accused should appear in the court now as she had been released on bail and was not in the custody of the police anymore, he argued.
He requested the court to cancel the bail of Rimsha Masih due to her non appearance in the court. He also objected to non filing of a challan of the case by the police and requested the court not to grant more time to the police in this respect.
The judge expressed annoyance over non presentation of the challan of case and sought the reasons for this action.
Munir Jaffri the investigation officer of the case took the plea before the court that the case was very sensitive and some other facts were unfolding, therefore more time should be allowed for presenting the challan.
The court allowed 3 more days for the presentation of the challan besides directing the accused Rimsha Masih to appear before it on the next hearing. The hearing was adjourned till September, 17.