Karachi Inferno: Factory cleared after 41 hours

The factory which was gutted in a massive blaze claiming 289 lives was cleared on Thursday morning.
Chief fire officer Ehtishamud Din said the operation continued all the night long and after drainage machines pumped water out of the basement, the building was now cleared after 41 hours.
Talking to a private TV channel, he said the upper three storey had already been cleared, however, the basement that was filled with water became extremely hot as a result of continued 18-hour inferno. The fire officer Ehtisham asserted there is no more dead body left at the factory now. Earlier at night, the second storey of the gutted garment factory caught fire again, however, the fire-tenders brought it under control.
On Thursday morning, the affected families staged protest demonstration as the heavy machinery could not be transported to the blaze site, which delayed the relief work at the basement of the factory. The affected people warned they will themselves drain out the accumulated water after breaking the wall of the factory, if the administration continues to display disregard over the tragedy of so immense proportions. As many as 217 bodies were kept at Edhi Center; of them, 107 have been delivered to the bereaved families after identification process.
Eight bodies will be dispatched to different areas of Punjab including Muzaffargarh and Rahim Yar Khan.

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  1. Jawed Memon said:

    Incompetency, corruption of regulator and non implementation of Standard operating procedure plus the selfish motives of the factory owner were the root cause of this catastrophe. Culprits must be brought to justice and appropriate compensation should be given to the breaved families. Future measure will be taken to avoid said inferno.Lackluster attitude of politicians is higly deplorable.

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