Anti-Islam film distracts from ‘real problems’: Morsi

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi on Friday condemned a film that is sparking protests across the Arab world as an “aggression” on Islam that distracts from the real problems of the Middle East.
“We cannot accept this type of aggression and attempt to sow discord. These irresponsible actions yield no good and draw attention away from real problems like the conflict in Syria, the fate of the Palestinians and the lack of stability in the Middle East,” Morsi said during a visit to Rome.

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  1. abbas said:

    morsi the self appointed spokesman of middle east,-the inexperienced egyptian president-for 4/5 days there have been protests in egypt but like nero playing his fiddle morsi is touring the west with his begging bowl.every speech he makes he has to bring syria into it and the change of leadership -meaning the rebels to take over the country by the barrel of a gun.He should know because he himself was a leader of a banned terror group called the muslim brotherhood,so he is familiar with this sort of scenario

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