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What is Police Foundation up to?

The Senate Standing Committee on Capital Administration and Development Division on Tuesday formed a sub-committee to look into the affairs of the National Police. Foundation as well as reported anomalies in the disposal of plots to the people.
The committee met with Senator Kalsoom Perveen in chair who formed a three-member sub-committee headed by Senator Kamil Ali Agha who had been tasked to furnish a detailed report on the Foundation’s affairs including the criteria for allotment of plots, total number of members and the number of those who were yet awaiting the allocation of plots.
The committee expressed resentment over a letter written by the Foundation to the committee stating that they did not fall under the committee’s purview in what Kamil Agha said all housing societies working under the the Capital Development Authoriy (CDA) issued No Objection Certificate (NoC) were answerable to the parliamentary committees.
He said the parliamentary committees had earlier been discussing the Foundation’s affairs in the past as well and observed that the working paper presented by the Foundation before the committee was an eyewash.
National Police Foundation Director Housing Tariq Raheem Joiya tendered an apology for the letter written to the committee and apprised that currently the Foundation had a total of 5,380 members out of which 4,381 had been allotted plots.
He said the rest of the members had neither deposited the amount nor had they been allotted plots because the Foundation had been short of land to accommodate them.
He said currently around 59 complaints had been registered against the Foundation and that all of these cases were under litigation.
However, the Foundation’s representative could not satisfy the committee members over his assertion describing the Foundation as a “trust” and that it had been working for the welfare of the police personnel and that of the general public.
He was answerless to the query as to how the National Police Foundation could extend its assistance to the general public when it had been established for the betterment of the police personnel only.
The committee chair viewed that only the head of any organization, not director, could brief the committee and summoned the Foundation’s managing director to brief the sub-committee in the next meeting.

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  1. Michael Warner said:

    Director of National Police Foundation is a very brave and aggressive person in his general life. Being a high profile hockey player in the police department in the past and represented the Pakistan hockey team on few tours playing as center half and right half contributed a lot to the sport of hockey. In the past I have played with him in several domestic tournaments and it was greatly learning experience. He was successful police officer and I have all the confidence in him that he will make a good National Police Foundation Director. "TARIQ PAHI JAN ' go get them.

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