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Imran Khan’s vision

PTI’s Chairman Imran Khan is determined to end corruption in 90 days. This is a good vision but to do so is a herculean task. For instance, ending corruption in land revenue department will take years. This is the example of a single department. He should make claims that can be fulfilled rather than those for which he would be held answerable in the future. To end the 64-year-old corruption in three months is impossible. Things are moving in the wrong direction in Pakistan. It will take years if one wants to put things on the right track. To do so, we need downsizing of all corrupt elements from national institutions. Majority of these people have been inducted on political base. Corrupt politicians protect these civil servants. No one dares to fire them. If PTI continues its solo flight it will face difficulties in implement its agenda. I think PTI should make an alliance with PML-N and JI. Our crises are so big that a single party can’t resolve them.

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