Trains continue to make people’s life hell | Pakistan Today

Trains continue to make people’s life hell

Lahore Railway Station was a scene of protest on Sunday as hundreds of passengers lost nerves as train departures and arrivals got delayed by over 12 hours. Night coach was scheduled to arrive at Lahore on Saturday at five pm but reached on Sunday at two pm. Tezgam was delayed for 17-hours, Allama Iqbal express for 22-hours, Shalimar Express for nine hours and Farid Express arrived 20 hours late. Trains bound for Rawalpindi and Sialkot were cancelled by railway authorities without giving any reasons. Passengers including women and children spent entire night under rain at the railway station. They protested that railway officials didn’t provide accurate information when inquired and also refused to refund the tickets. They also demanded the resignation of federal minister of Railways.

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