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Talks with angry Balochis indispensable: PML-N

Expressing concerns over the unrest in Balochistan, head of Pakistan Muslim League- N’s lawyers’ wing, Naseer Ahmed Bhutta has said that talks with anti-center powers of Balochistan are indispensable.
In a press conference held at Quetta Press Club, member of National Assembly from PML-N, Naseer Ahmed Bhutta said that the Balochistan problem should be resolved in true letter and spirit in order to make the province join hands with rest of the nation towards prosperity.
He said if the government can “embrace” India whole-heartedly, then why serious negotiations with Balochis are not held.
Balochistan is burning and government and the authorities responsible are being consistently negligent regarding the issue, he added.
He said sectarian killings in Balochistan are on the rise in addition to abduction such that the law and order situation here is worsening.
Naseer Ahmed Bhutta said President PML-N, Mian Nawaz Sharif has raised the Balochistan issue at every forum.
He vowed that once it comes into power, PML-N would take effective measures for restoring the law and order situation.

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