Army assistance sought in DG Khan

The city administration has sought the assistance of army to cope with raging floods in the area.
According to the sources, the administration has sought emergency help from Army and has given them to authority to make protective arrangements for flood affectees.
The army has been handed over the task to fill the breach in DG Khan Canal from RD 206 to RD 226.
Meanwhile, the army has also been placed on red alert in view of possible floods in other areas of the country as well.
A state of emergency was declared by the district administration of Dera Ghazi Khan on Monday after flood water entered the city, affecting thousands of people.
According to Commissioner DG Khan, Tariq Mahmood, heavy rainfall caused canals and water channels to overflow.

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  1. Shayan Sajjad said:

    I live in kheyban e sarwar D.G.Khan, so I wanna ask that what is the flood condition about here as it is declared alert since night but I just wanna ask will kheyban be saved or it has danger to be flooded,or whats the news about her any information please guide me.

  2. abc said:

    shayan, water is being passed on to college ground and stadium, which may or may not hit areas like rukanabad, qadirabad etc.

    Kheyaban is safe if no more rain in next few days.

  3. sibghat khan said:

    thanx m sibghat khan in islamabad from dgk..may ALLAH keep us all safe

  4. Qurat ul ain aslam said:

    pl z inform me the latest condition of dgkhan villages paigah, kharawala and changwani basti, these are my home town.

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