India, Pak agree to soften visa rules | Pakistan Today

India, Pak agree to soften visa rules

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  1. Nisar Malik said:

    As long as army is incharge of foreign policy…..all these are just talks….!

  2. Truth said:

    Pakistan should stay away from India. There is no need for visa softening. This does not mean that we should go to war with India.

  3. Ali Ahmad Tarar said:

    What causes people to rob another person? the answer is Poverty and hunger is the CAUSE and its EFFECT is civil anarchy and insecurity. How do you compare today's civil unrest with 150 years of Indian society after the death of Aurangzeb? There are many parallels for Pakistanis to ponder. Indians heaved a sigh of relie f when the reins of government was taken over by the British. But the cost was too much- the national wealth and capital was transferred to London, leaving the public resourceless. The British lion killed the hunt leaving the scum to Indian Babus. The rest of the population was never considered worth any attention except when they were needed for fighting their wars. Indian resources of men and material were effectively used to fight their wars. That is history one needed to be considered after gaining independence to chart their future direction as a sovereign Pakistani Nation. Unfortunately the leaders immediately forgot the slogans advanced for an independent sovereign state. It was a business as usual- but rather a little worse. They say the parya takes the morals of their Rulers. If the PRESIDENT is THIEF, then why should not other citizen refrain from stealing? It is SHAME on the integrity of Pakistani Nation.

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