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LG elections are a big drama

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan feels that a very big drama is going to be staged in the country in the name of Local Governments polls. Speaking to reporters on Friday, Khan said war in South Waziristan could not be won without the support of the local population, adding that local people would provide security during his visit to Waziristan.
Separately, addressing the Pakistani community, Khan predicted the making of a new Pakistan in the future, adding that the role of overseas Pakistanis would be vital in this regard. “I am very hopeful about the country’s future,” he said. The Sindh Local Governments Ordinance was signed between the PPP and the MQM in the wee hours of Friday.

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  1. Ch Piran Dita said:

    All this verbosity in print media and regurgitated talk on TV has not changed the life of common man (95% of population). All this BS is no different than white noise.
    Azad adilia —> politics by other means
    Democracy —> Kleptocracy
    I just hope that 95% wake up a slaughter the 5% including me.

    • NazirKAli said:

      How right you are. Imran's negative remarks on the LB polls is 'criticism for the sake of criticism.' No doubt, he is making electronic and print media waves but the crux of the matter is not to undo what has been achieved and re-start all over again. This is retrogressive and creates more problems for the 95 percent of the populace.
      You must also know that Imran is a racist by nature and hates the Karachiites. This is evident from his cricketing days.

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