PML-N, MQM sit together in national interest | Pakistan Today

PML-N, MQM sit together in national interest

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  1. Hafeez said:

    AH' green glasses and NS's talban style shalwar are over fabrication, otherwise excelent stuff. Good humer.

  2. Ch Piran Dita said:

    All this verbosity in print media and regurgitated talk on TV has not changed the life of common man (95% of population). All this BS is no different than white noise.
    Azad adilia —> politics by other means
    Democracy —> Kleptocracy
    I just hope that 95% wake up a slaughter the 5% including me.

  3. Zulfiqar said:

    Hell with the 'National Interest'. Which of the politician watches it? I can say with conviction that they cannot/will not see beyond their own vested interests. Goen are the days when politicians thought for the country and even sold their properties (did not add to it using their stature) to reain in politics.

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