Punjab govt again mishandling YDA’s issues

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf central Information Secretary Shafqat Mahmood has said that the Punjab government is again getting into a conflict with YDA and not fulfilling the promises they made to the association regarding the service structure.
Doctors are assets of Pakistan but the provincial government’s paralysis in decision-making is leading to brain drain and conflict.
The provincial government is completely mishandling the situation and as a result the doctors are protesting. The mismanagement by the government is affecting both the patients who are suffering due to a delay in medical assistance, and the doctors.
The abject misery of the patients requiring government doctors’ assistance is heart rending. The situation needs to be addressed and decisions made to end this conflict so that the public can be provided medical care otherwise Punjab government will again be responsible for the situation.
This issue of service structure is not a new one but Punjab government and also the Punjab CM has failed to resolve the issue while making claims of good governance.

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  1. Khalil said:

    Why is PTI instigating YDA agitation. It did so last time thru Dr Yasmin Rashid & Dr Andaleeb and now again. Is this good politics playing with lives of poor people, who alone will suffer if they are unable to get treatment from Punjab Govt owned hospitals.

    • zia said:

      Lolz…… Common… Health sector of Punjab is under the Noora league and the way this sector is run in Punjab, it truly speaks out the priorities of the Noora league which is wasting punjab's Kitty on showcase projects like laptops, sasta tandoor, lahore metro, etc..

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