Wickets begin to fall in PTI | Pakistan Today

Wickets begin to fall in PTI

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  1. Hassan said:

    @cartoonist: Man! You didn't do anything for this country and you don't have any capability to do. So, if you can't stand with a man who do a lot for this country, then please don't criticize him just for money.

    • Shoukat said:

      Dear Hasan
      I think Imran should first go for DNA test to clarify his doings when he was a play boy and then he may talk about our respected politicians……..

  2. Razi said:

    Based on fabricated news. Legharis have publicly contradicted claims by writing a letter of protest against the news company. It’s hard to tell if it was unprofessional journalism or out right malicious intent. Later thought being the most likely.

  3. Pakistani said:

    It is considered opinion of a large section of people that 'Pakistan Today' is on the pay roll of those who feel threatened by PTI.Such indescretions confirm those apprehentions.

  4. aryanazlam said:

    The journalists are for sale.pay their price and get them any time

  5. MAD said:

    Given the strong contradiction by teh Laghari brothers Pakistan Today should be feeling a tad embarrassed right now.

  6. naveed said:

    if tsunami khan can rub shoulder with sheikh rasheed(sheeda talli) ,his party fellow will do the same with other parties

  7. Rajab said:

    Very nice cartoon. Nail has been hit on the head. IK will have all three stumps removed in the next election.

    • Haider Gul said:

      This cartoon explain the truth….. PTI leaders are all LOTAY.

  8. Chaudhry Boota said:

    oye, Imran wi choron da dalal aye. saray feudal tay tax chor akhatay kar lay ne

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