Richard Hoagland thanks Pakistan security forces

The US embassy has thanked the humane professionalism of the local Pakistani security forces who saved the lives of two American diplomats and two Pakistani local staff of the US Consulate General Peshawar by pulling them to safety after their vehicle was attacked.
US Charge d’Affairs Ambassador Richard Hoagland in a statement on Monday said in this dangerous world where terrorists can strike at any moment, we must all work together – Pakistanis and Americans alike – because we have a strong mutual interest in defeating terrorism.

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  1. A Reader @TrSp said:

    Thank you Mr. Ambassador,

    The silent literate majority of Pakistan has painfully watched demands from a number of US diplomats for us to do more without acknowledging what had already been done.

    It appeared to most of us as if US had a vendetta against the common man in Pakistan and undervalued the ultimate sacrifice been made but your statement is a step in the right direction.

    Thanks you
    A Reader @TrSp

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