PPP govt should write letter to Swiss authorities: Pir Pagara

Pakistan Muslim League (Functional) Chief Pir Pagara said that it was not appropriate for the government to enter into a confrontation with the supreme court and letter should be written to the Swiss authorities.
He was talking to media persons after having a meeting with former prime minister Gillani on Sunday. Pir Pagara also said that his father entered into an alliance with President Zardari but the situation was different at that time.
He said his party would decide about making alliances when the time for elections would come. He, however, stressed that every one should respect each other.
Talking about the situation of Karachi, Pir Pagara said the situation there is such that one would feel scared while going outside even during the day time. He said that though there is talk of elections but he does not see them.

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  1. Tariq said:

    Pir Saheb should walk his talk or else keep quite. In the press conference addressed by Pir Pagaro, standing next to him was the most corrupt and shameless PM this country has ever had, whose sons did not spare even Hajis and were involved in drugs.

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