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Onus of crises on government and coalition partners: JI

Jamait Islami (JI) Central General Secretary Liaqat Baloch has said that four coalition partners of the present government are the vampires and they are sucking the blood of masses, hence they are equally responsible for the present energy crises in the country.
Speaking to the Eid milan gathering here in Larkana, JI central leader Liaqat Baloch said that since the 65 years of Pakistan independence over 65 billion dollars foreign debts were taken from IMF, World Bank on hard term policies, which led the country to the crises.
There is no any change the fate of nation even rulers failed to provide the better health facilities, quality education and other basic facilities despite being a Nuclear power country he said.
He further said during past 12 years politicians have made corruption of Rs 95 billions and looted the national exchequer by both hands he claimed.
Liaqat Baloch said US is killing the innocent civilians and violating the sovergnty by drone attacks, but rulers are calm and reluctant to raise voice more than 42000 Pakistani civilians have been killed by US drone attacks he said. He said the present rulers and coalition partners have put the country to the danger and playing in the hands of US, they violating the sovereignty and security of country. He said preparations are under way to initiate the operation of south Wazirstan by present government but it will not be fruitful for country. He appealed to the Army Chief General Ashfaque Pervaiz Kayani to not start operation against the own people.
He said Karachi is burning, people are insecure in their city and houses extortionists, target killers, terrorists have gripped the Karachi and receiving the extortion from traders and citizens on gun point but government has turned its eyes due to reconciliation policy, added that national institutions including PIA, Pakistan Railway, WAPDA and all institutions are at verge of destruction. He said masses can change the system and get rid from the corrupt politicians by vote, he said rulers should immediately step down and announce to hold general election with out delay. Former MNA Provincial Ameer JI Sindh Assadullah Bhutto in his speech said government has increased the POL charges without any reason. The rulers are not sincere to end inflation and energy crises .on the occasion Dr Mumtaz Ali Memon, Muhammad Ashique Dhamrah, Kashif Saeed Shaikh and others also addressed.

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