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Banks referee in MINTEX, TUF match up

The central bank Thursday asked the banks and development finance institutions (DFIs) to process claims for the provision of mark-up and investment support to the textile industry under the Technology Up-gradation Fund

Terrorism and violence

Ever since Zia and his military junta resorted to use state funds and power to engineer political structure of this country, the people of Pakistan have suffered untold miseries, death, torture, rise

Unreasonable classification

A government of Pakistan Finance Division notification No. F1(5)R.4/95. Vol III dated 10-08-2012 states that payment of Rs 10,000 per month would be made from 01-07-2012 to all retired officers in BPS

The wave of terrorism

As we know that terrorism is one of the most highlighting issues in this contemporary world. It creates a very devastating effect in every corner of globe promoting economic and political instability

A tightening noose

Last July, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi threw a challenge to all his opponents that if he was found guilty of collusion in the 2002 Gujarat riots, then he should be hanged

Let him prove

Yesterday I happen to watch Hamid Mir’s program in which he called Engr Agha Waqar along with a few renowned scientists. The purpose of this program was to highlight Agha Waqar’s claim

Arsalan’s case

Fair and transparent investigation needed The Arsalan Iftikhar scandal burst at the center stage when shenanigans on the part of the scions of those in power were already rocking the country. Moonis

Kunwar Khuldune Shahid

Excavating hope

Petroleum Policy 2012 could end Pakistan’s gas troubles Saying that Dr Asim Hussain has been ‘reasonably’ unsuccessful in solving Pakistan’s energy predicament, throughout his tenure as the Petroleum Minister initially and the

Cyber crimes: No holds barred

The rapid development in the field of information and communication technologies has brought enormous advantages and opportunities as well as new risks and threats in the form of cyber disputes and cyber

When you go out, leave your car at home

The lack of proper parking facilities in the federal capital has become an acute problem for the commuters at markets and other busy areas of the city. The oldest and busiest business

RCB forms body to enforce old grant policy

The Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) has decided to ensure regularisation of old grant properties in an effective manner. The properties were allotted to these citizens before the establishment of Pakistan and the