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Drone attacks violation of human rights: Lord Nazir

Lord Nazir Ahmed has said that the drone attacks constitute human rights violations and wrote in a letter to the US administration against the US drone strikes.
Addressing different gatherings in Swat, member of British House of Lords, Lord Nazir Ahmed, said that more than 3,000 people have lost their lives in drone strikes up till now.
He told that he has written a letter to President Obama and former president Bush after the support of 12 members of House of Lords against the drone attacks.
In the letter, he has asked to stop drone strikes.
Lord Nazir said that Muslim community should raise their voice against the killings of Muslims in Burma.

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  1. abbas said:

    Nazir nothing new in what you say , but what have you done about the human rights of Shaias being killed almost on daily basis =does that not concern you

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