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Morning shows

A few years ago, when one or two of our country’s most popular private television channels came up with morning shows, it seemed a very unique move on their part. The public really appreciated these channels for making these shows as they were creative and original. These programs were able to attract large audiences and people watched them with great zest.
However, since the past two years at least, the high standards once maintained by these morning shows have rapidly declined. One reason for this might be the ever growing competition, because new channels are frequently launched; and not only entertainment channels, but even some news channels broadcast their own morning shows. But the actual cause behind the aggravating standards of morning shows, I believe, is that they have run out of quality material which could be shown. And this, obviously, is bound to happen when a show would be broadcasted five days a week, continuously for six years!
Our morning shows have become more like soap operas; senseless and monotonous. They have been going on for so long now that they are left with no good things to show anymore. They keep repeating topics and make myriads of shows on that one topic for which they get high ratings. A greater TRP is the only thing with which the private television channels are obsessed, and in order to get it, they easily compromise with the standard of the show, and sometimes even with our moral principles.
If one channel makes its morning show on an issue which gets a high response from the viewers, all the other channels also jump on the bandwagon and start discussing the same topic. Soon every channel is showing the same thing, and if it gets a positive feedback, it starts making more programs on that theme and show them every month, without realizing that they are extremely repetitive. These days also, there are only two hot topics in these morning shows – weddings and paranormal activities; and for the past few months, most of our morning shows have been revolving around these two subjects only.

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