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Haqqani alive and well in Afghanistan: Taliban

Denying the recent projected death of Haqqani Network’s Badar-ud-Din Haqqani, Taliban spokesman Zabeeh Ullah Mujahid has declared Badar to be in good health and alive.
According to a foreign media source, the very first reaction about the alleged death of Taliban leader, who is the younger brother of Siraj-ud-Din Haqqani, Badar-ud-Din, is still in Afghanistan.
Pakistan intelligence sources have however expressed their 90% surety that the Taliban leader had been killed in the American drone attack; a fact that cannot be verified since his deadbody had not been sighted.
America ranks Haqqani Network as its number one enemy in Afghanistan, while Taliban spokesman Zabeeh Ullah Mujahid has termed the, sheer rumors/speculations of Badr’s death as an unsuccessful ploy by enemy to create chaos and confusion, among Taliban elements.
Zabeeh Ullah said that Badar-ud-Din was actively engaged in performing his war duties.

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  1. a human said:

    sad news.. he should have died.. or kill him as soon as possible.. all terrorists must be wiped out.

  2. kafantaris2 said:

    Good riddance to Badruddin Haqqani; and good riddance to Mullah Dadullah.
    Pakistan and NATO should now make every effort to strike the Taliban.
    The only thing these savages know — and deal with — is force. Let's serve it up to them.
    The opportunity is fleeting.

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