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PTI announces its economic reforms plan

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Friday announced its economic plan in which it claimed to bringing reforms in governance, with priority to education and health sector.
PTI Senior Vice President Asad Umar presented the Economic Policy in a seminar titled Economic Policy Vision. PTI Chairman Imran Khan and other senior party leaders were also present.
The PTI leaders castigated the federal and provincial governments over what they said misplaced priorities, incompetence and greed.
“No effort has been made in the last five years to address the basic problems being faced by the citizens including the highest-ever sustained inflation, no jobs, a crippling energy crisis and deteriorating law and order. The failure of the state to look after its citizens comes at a very high price, with key human development and welfare indicators for Pakistan being worse then some of the poorest Sub-Saharan African states and lagging behind other countries in South Asia,” says a press statement issued by PTI at the end of seminar.
The PTI claimed that its reforms program would not only rescue the crumbling state but also meet the aspirations of the citizens, in particular the youth, for a sovereign welfare state.
Education reforms include one modern education system for all Pakistanis, increase in education spending five folds to Rs 2,195 billion by 2018 to achieve 80 percent enrollment. According to the PTI policy, it would focus on girls’ education by doubling the number of schools.
The party claimed that it would introduce a free health care system for the poor. Spending on health would be increased five folds to Rs 1,142 billion by 2018.
Energy reforms focus on reducing cost of producing electricity from indigenous resources. This will resolve the circular debt and make Pakistan an energy secure state. The details have already been announced through the energy plan announced earlier
The major expenditure reform would include shutting down the Prime Minister House, the Chief Minister’s and the Governor’s House.
The budget of the Presidency would be slashed by 50 percent and the ministries would be reduced to 17 from 37.
Free and subsidized plots would be abolished. All state departments including military would have to reduce spending and release funds for the welfare of the citizens. According to the plan, the PTI would convert lavish government-owned building into educational institutions.
All income groups would be taxed regardless of source and a just and equitable tax system would be put in place, a minimum asset tax adjustable against income already paid would be imposed.
Tax reforms also include ending ‘soft’ amnesty schemes. Provincial governments must take responsibility, collect property and agriculture tax from the large landholders. Revamp FBR and make it autonomous insulated from political pressures. Reforms will increase tax revenue to 15% of GDP in 2018 from 9.9 percent in 2012.
The party planned to carry out deep reforms that would make state institutions empowered, accountable and transparent. It planned to devolve power from the central and provincial capitals and empower local communities at the grass roots level. Special Task Force to recover looted national wealth stashed outside the country. All recovered assets of corruption will be used for educating the youth of Pakistan.
According to the PTI plan, the Railway Ministry, which had been facing losses of billions of rupees, would be abolished and the Railway would work under an autonomous board. While, the Pakistan International Airlines would also be taken out of the control of Ministry of Defence.

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  1. muhammad said:

    all topi drama, what else could u expect from these eunuchs of the society

    • fasmik said:

      You'r under long hangover and sick to the stomach. Real eunuchs like you do not want this country to progress and are so self centred that you wont allow anyone to change this failed system.

  2. moin said:

    @ muhammad, eid holidays finished already, or u r on overtime?

    • RazaKhan said:

      It looks like you are still enjoying your overtime. What new thing IK has offered except cliches?Indeed he has miserably failed to give any viable program and disappointed me by not coming out with any solution. To spend 2000 b on education you hv to produce ten times as much capital and it is impossibly to arrange for that much capital within 5 yrs unless you redress political problems and external policies which hv wide impact on economy and then on spending money on IK's ambitious program. Dont lay charges on those who hv different views from you.

      • Tahir Alyana said:

        Dear Raza, Better you vote for your favourite corrup leaders shareef brothers and zardari

      • fasmik said:

        Raza may be ur a fortune teller and know the future. Your corrupt leaders do not even have the guts to give any real or imaginary solution. Instead they are busy conspiring against the the true force PTI.
        In your case Ignorance is a blessing. You obviously didnt go through the entire plan by PTI. Looser !

  3. Pakistani said:

    Raza is right. His policy supposed to bring Taliban to politics. Then what economics he is talking about ?
    Exporting Topis and Burkhas ?
    IK is nothing but a Fool. You will see in election result.

    • fasmik said:

      Surely ur true leaders Nawaz and Zardari are no fool and because of ignorant morons like u the corrupt elite might come to power again.

  4. Yusuf said:

    As an educated citizen of Pakistan, I do not see Real Reform Agenda. China invested in Primary and Secondary education in Rural Areas plus greater investment in Rural SME sector.Today we see the Benefit to its citizen.Sorry, I do not see Seriuous Effort in putting up reducing Rural Povert as is in China. How can PTI bring prosperity without sound reliable education policy for the Rural Poor. The Land Grant Institutions played the role of raising education standard in American rural communities. PTI should be real in formation of uplift of Rural Poor. Because of widspread poverty in Pakistan rural communities the Pakistani rural citizen are not independent and get exploited.

    Kindly impose ownership of Land Limit and give Arable Land to Poor Agricultural Farmers. Increase small farmer agricultural communities withLocal Government Functionary Bodies just like in the United States and China.The Public Enterprises should be shut down to save Taxpayer contributions, over years these have become non-functionals, PIA, PR, PSM, are good example.

    Why should Taxpayer should Not get any Return as Retirement Pension just like in Military, Pakistan Civil Servants, Pakistan Goverment Employee. What is the Benefit of being a Taxpayer in Pakistan, Its Extraction definitely Not taxation. When the Government of Pakistan payback to its Taxpayer on reaching age of Sixty, Great Many will willingly pay Tax as well as file Tax Return. Think about it, PTI.

  5. Sunshine said:

    Well, with due respect to all of you..we have already tried everyone of them and have seen what prosperity they can bring to our country..then whats the point of choosing the same people again and again? instead of making assumptions, why don't we give PTI a chance too. I mean our country has already gone through a lot of experiments, why not another one? it might actually work? why don't you see that actually someone is really trying to do an effort and I think we should give him a chance. we have a very good idea of what PPP or PML can do at most even if they are elected again, why not try PTI? it's our last hope…

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