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Gilani hopes PML-N will consider attending meeting on new province

Welcoming the convening of a meeting of the Parliamentary Commission on Creation of New Provinces scheduled for August 28, former prime minister and PPP Senior Vice Chairman Yousaf Raza Gilani on Friday hoped that the PML-N would reconsider its decision of refusing to attend the meeting.
He said the move would be appreciated by the people of Southern Punjab, and pointed out that ignoring the sensitivities of the people would not bode well.
Gilani said the creation of South Punjab province was the voice of the people, who justifiably considered that their socio-economic development was inextricably intertwined with it. “It is the right time to take this decision keeping in view the aspirations of the people, he added.
The former prime minister underscored the importance of appreciating the gravity of the problems facing the people of South Punjab by all stakeholders. He expressed hope that party politics would not come in the way of meeting long-standing demand of the people of the region.
Gilani expressed satisfaction over the consensus prevailing across the political divide in the country on the creation of the new province.
The former prime minister said the creation of South Punjab province was absolutely critical for addressing the feelings of economic and political alienation of the people. “A separate province will also have a positive impact on the federation of Pakistan,” he added.
Gilani said he was satisfied with the progress on the issue and added that during his tenure in office he was able to convince the political leadership to pay heed to the critical matter. “It paved the way for initiating the legal requirements in accordance with the constitution,” he said.
The PPP senior vice chairman said setting up of the parliamentary commission by the National Assembly speaker in response to the letter of the president was a substantive development to settle the issue once for all.

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    I agree with creation of new provinces, but in this case it is a reward for Gilani's services to PPP.

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