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Army chief should realize his duty: Munawar

Jamaat-e-Islami chief Syed Munawar Hasan has said that it is the duty of the Army chief to realise the task assigned to him by the nation and act accordingly.
Addressing a large Eid congregation at Mansoora mosque, he also stressed upon the Islamic movements to prove through their conduct that Islam is the religion of peace while terrorism has been thrust upon the Muslims by the west only to malign Islam and its believers.
He said that the US and the West were terrorists themselves. The US and its allies had killed million of innocent and unarmed human beings in Iraq and Afghanistan without any justification and Pakistan was their target now.
Scores of people were being killed in FATA and the Tribal areas by drones and drone attacks continued even during the month of Ramadan and on Eid days. These attacks were going on in North Waziristan and a gulf was being created between the people and the armed forces of the country, he said.
The JI chief said the civil government only comprised incompetent people and US slaves. The masses, he said, wanted a permanent ban on the NATO supplies and an end to the drone attacks. If the army and the government failed to do this, the masses would be forced to come on roads and the situation could take any turn for which the civil government and the army chief would be responsible.
He said that Pakistan’s society was full of tyranny. The people who ruled the country for the last four decades had been deceiving the masses and exploiting them openly, he said adding that it was high time that these cheats be thrown out of power.
He slated the jamming of the mobile telephone service on Eid and said that Interior Minister Rehman Malik was supposed to facilitate the people instead of creating problems for them. He added that the minister had been a total failure in the maintenance of law and order in the country and in controlling terrorist activities, and the whole country, especially Karachi and Balochistan were in the grip of terrorists. There was no justification for the Interior minister to stick to his office, he said.
Munawar Hasan said the masses were confused about the outcome of the elections to be held in the present scenario. He said the JI workers and leaders should go from door to door and impress upon the masses to take the next elections seriously and to reject the US slaves and those holding fake degrees and vote for honest and competent candidates of the JI for the solution of their problems.

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