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Tehran NAM Summit significant: Mahathir Mohammad

Former Malaysian Prime Minister and distinguished politician, Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, said on Wednesday that Summit of Leaders of Non-Aligned Movement due to be held in Tehran from August 26-31, is of high significance.
Talking to reporters, Mohammad commented the West’s “unfair” sanctions on Iran and said the Tehran meeting is of importance due to the issue.
He said, “Certain NAM states too have upheld sanctions against Iran which is a totally unwise move because the sanctions are not on part of the UN, rather unilaterally leveled by the US. The US can issue any sort of sanctions it wants against Iran but there is no reason other countries to follow suit.”
Elsewhere in the interview, Mohammad opined on the NAM meeting and said there should be no limit and fear in expression of opinion there.
He said NAM came into existence with the goal of freedom from the western and eastern blocs of power and now too, it should continue with independence of the west, otherwise the west will dominate them.
He added that the NAM states should resist any unwise decision and follow any right decision made by the body.
“In fact, NAM should serve as a forum being able to defend interests of other countries, subject to unfair treatment by the western governments.”
As for Israel’s threats against Iran, Mohammad said Israel can not attack Iran alone.
“Israel is emboldened to make violent moves against Iran due to US support. The US is famous for initiating military action even when there is no enough justification for the action. The US is the sole defendant of Israel. The US is behind likely attack by Israel.”

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  1. JOHN2397 said:

    Thank God that Ban Ki Moon will attend the non-aligned meeting in Tehran rather than listening to his Masters; who are advising against his meeting with Iranians and other third world leaders. But still we have to watch and see whether he (Ban K Moon) has guts to discuss the matters with Iranian leader and others with open mind and take their suggestions to resolve the issues or will pass the threats and war mongering messages of his Masters? So far for the last 6 years or more, Ban Ki Moon has done nothing of his own but rather remained silent or repeated his Masters voice during all the wars and other matters of this world.

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