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Security, traffic plan finalised for Eid

The administration of twin cities has chalked out a comprehensive security plan for Eid ul Fitar to safeguard the lives and properties of people.
According to the plan, additional police force would be deployed in the twin cities during prayer times and at sensitive places of the city to ensure complete security for Eid ul Fitar.
Islamabad Inspector General of Police Binyamin Khan gave a security briefing in this regard to Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf at the Prime Minister House. He also briefed him about the provision of foolproof security for the citizens of the twin cities.
Services of 2800 police officers had also been sought in this regard, especially for “Chand Raat” when the markets and roads are packed with people.
A senior police officer said that more than 3200 police force would only perform duties outside different mosques. Parking vehicles near the mosque had been banned for this particular day.
Meanwhile, personnel from the Special Branch, Elite force and woman police would also perform security duties at different locations of the twin cities.
Scanners and other special equipment had been installed at almost all worship places and worshippers had to pass through security checks before entering mosques.

Traffic plan for Chand Raat, Eidul Fitr
The Rawalpindi city traffic police chalked out a comprehensive plan for Chand Raat and Eidul Fitr.
Under the traffic plan, an enhanced number of traffic wardens will be deployed in the main city areas aimed at avoiding traffic mess on Chand Raat and during Eidul Fitr prayers.
A control room has been set up at the traffic police headquarters to monitor the situation.
Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Ishtiaq Shah told APP that all-out efforts would be made to control traffic on the city roads, especially on Chand Raat. He said that one-wheelers would be dealt with in accordance with the law.
Traffic wardens have been directed to impound motorcycles of one-wheelers in respective police stations besides registering cases against them.
He said those found involved in one-wheeling would be sent behind bars under Section 99/A. He urged the citizens, particularly parents, to come forward and play their role in curbing one wheeling, rash and negligent driving which are the main causes for fatal accidents.
All the traffic officers and wardens have also been directed to remain present at their duty points to control traffic, he added.
Ishtiaq Shah said that all-out efforts were being made by the Rawalpindi traffic police to facilitate road users so that they could get uninterrupted traffic flow and reach their destinations within the shortest possible time.
He said, in view of the security of the citizens, special traffic arrangements have been made. Parking of vehicles near mosques, Imambargahs and other religious places has been prohibited.
Under the plan, traffic police officers have been directed to keep a vigilant eye on suspicious vehicles. Strict action in accordance with the law has also been ordered against vehicles having tinted glasses and those without number plates, he added.
The CTO said traffic wardens have also been directed to work with dedication and commitment to ensure smooth traffic flow.

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