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  1. Chaudhry Boota said:

    why are all trolls silent on this cartoon…where is Imran Khan whose taliban friends are killing shias..

  2. Criminal Waziristani said:

    We are criminals of not only shias but humanity at large. How Taliban Khan can speak against the unlawful kids of the agencies. Shias are not fighty for the strategic designs of Pakistan whereas Taliban Khan friends are rendering their lives for the evil design of agencies. Taliban are strategic assets and must respect their brutality.

  3. Ishtiaq_J&K said:

    A simple observation – Imran Khan has never been in goverenment….so how is he to be blamed for for all the cr*p that is taking place in Pakistan (due to PPP and PML-N governance etc)? By the way I'm an expat Kahmiri who has no allegience to Pakistan or India, nevertheless, I do hope IK gets into power so that perhaps J&K issue can be resolved – does this make me a troll???.

  4. Chaudhry boota said:

    a simple observation- imran khan stand is all what agencies/Media have been demanding…stop drones, taliban are assets, american shall get out of afghanistan.

    • Ishtiaq_J&K said:

      ….and what is wrong with that stand? Problems with Taliban can only be resolved if you engage with them. Look at what has happened between UK governement and IRA…..what do you think has happned their? Look close to Kashmir issue….why did JKLF laid down their weapons and now trying to resolve the issue through dialogue. Same thing needs to happen with Taliban. So no point bashing IK…without being constructive in your viewpoint.

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