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Imran, Rashid announce electoral alliance

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Awami Muslim League (AML) late on Monday forged an alliance for the upcoming elections.
The announcement to this effect was made at a public rally at Liaqat Bagh in Rawalpindi which was addressed by AML chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmed and PTI Chairman Imran Khan.
Addressing that rally, Khan said he and Sheikh Rashid had political differences in the past but he had been watching Rashid’s recent agitation against the status quo in the country which paved the way for an alliance between the two political forces fighting against the “corrupt system”. Reiterating his party’s claim that it would rid Pakistan of corruption and nepotism, Khan said that he knew how to gather a good team and “the upcoming government would be of the poor”.
On his decision to hold a protest in Waziristan against drone attacks in tribal areas, Khan said he would not budge on his announcement and the protest would be held as per schedule. “Death threats will not deter my resolve,” he added. Addressing the rally, Rashid said, “Imran Khan might be the captain of the team but I am the coach…I know all the political moves and will guide Khan when to deliver ‘bouncers’ to our opponents.”

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  1. ABC said:

    Once the population of dogs was increasing so rappidly in the Jungle. The jungle cabinet explored one big dog responsible for this fertility. They made the dog infertile (khussi). Despite this prevention, population of dogs was still increasing in the jungle. A committee was established to find the reason. After 3 days committee told that khussi dog is providing coaching / consultancy to young dogs.

    So by accepting the coaching role, Sheikh Rasheed has disclosed…………?
    Samjh to gey hon gey.

  2. NO BS said:

    Gauge the success of this alliance by how much the Sharif pvt ltd is squealing !!!!

  3. Dr.M.M.Khan said:

    Imran don't have pipedreams of ridding the country of corruption! It is not doable. If you can just bring it to manageable it will be a great success.!

  4. Ch Piran Dita said:

    You set the bar high. That is how its done in corporate world but in Pakistan, we have a country filled with miserable nay sayers thanks to lanti ganja and bemari

  5. ZAFFAR said:


  6. amir emmanuel said:

    imran khan is the only person left in the politics on which people can trust and i am sure he can be a great leader of this country and make a dreamatic changes in this legent but he may need to make some adjustement with the other political leaders to become prime misnister of pakistan.

    • Sajjad said:

      sharam tum ko magar naheen aati. Imran always was a supporter of Musharaf. He took Musharaf's ex-ministers in his party, but the biggest shame was yet to come and it did arrrive in Sheeda Talli. I now predict without any hesitation that the Pindi seat is lost to Imran Khan.

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