S Korea to install 300MW solar projects

South Korea has shown its interest to install a power plant project of up to 300MW of solar energy in Quetta, in this regard Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) would be signed with Balochistan government.
The Balochistan government has already offered to Korean company a piece of land of 1500 acres approximately near the airport.
Solar energy options were discussed during a meeting of Korean delegations with Chairman Board of Investment (BOI) Saleem H. Mandviwalla on Tuesday for investment in solar energy projects in Pakistan. The delegation was led by Dr. Choi Moon-sok, the CEO of Concentrix (CX) Solar, Korea.
The three member Korean delegation informed the Chairman BOI that company was interested in putting up a project of solar energy in Quetta and for this purpose they were already in negotiation with the Balochistan government, after which they would be signing an MOU for the construction of 300 MW Power Plant Project in Quetta.
The delegation informed the Chairman that their technology was the latest and is best suited to Pakistani conditions.
As a first step, they would install 50MW, and then they would gradually complete it upto 300MW in the form of six complexes/sub units. Chairman BOI welcomed them to start the project and encouraged them to come up with various other proposals to invest in the energy sector of Pakistan. He informed the delegation that the Prime Minister was very keen to improve the energy sector, given the current prevailing energy crisis in the country. The company also intends to sign an MOU with the Board of Investment, which is under process.
Later, Mandviwalla along with the delegation called on the Prime Minister, where the company representatives apprised the PM about their planned power plant project in Quetta. Also they suggested various proposals, like the conversion of the diesel generated pumps to solar energy for irrigation purposes. The PM appreciated their investment plans and ensured the full support and cooperation of the government in these projects.


  1. Anny Laghari said:

    pakistan has the efficiency to genrate more thn 50,000 Mw enrgy thru wind ….also it has warm weather all year to use solar enrgy itself…thn y need only 300mw erngy generatrs?

  2. truth bites said:

    good move, more power to the nation and Balochistan! hope there are no kick backs and power produced is added to national grid on cheaper rates not like IPP unit rates!

  3. NazirKAli said:

    The sooner the better. These projects are what Pakistan needs. The speedy demarcation of land leading to the buildup is what will get results.
    Sunlight and wind is free, so the cost of electricity will be cheaper, unless some bright spark scientist / financier / investor comes up with a novel idea of fleecing the end user. The entire catch lies in its fast track implementation. Salams

  4. Romeo said:

    Its about time. DO IT NOW!!! Just look at india! They started long time ago. Start with wind mill to. It dont need much space. Can be put up anywear!

  5. Romeo said:

    Bajaj motor bike company in india have there privat wind mill farm and they producing 90 % of what they are using………

  6. Zeeshan Iqbal via Fa said:

    Bus hum ne he be bas bethey rehna hai :@

  7. Anny Laghari via Fac said:

    pakistan has the efficiency to genrate more thn 50,000 Mw enrgy thru wind ….also it has warm weather all year to use solar enrgy itself…thn y need only 300mw erngy generatrs?

  8. Myra Waheed via Face said:

    come on… they are still thinking … its a need!!!

  9. AAMIR said:

    That's the right approach Hisel power of Canada are also in for mega projects!!

  10. SHAHBAZ 03035012008 said:

    it is good way of energy salutation. we can solved power losses through solar energy. i have full time experience in solarenergy but now i m job less.

  11. mohibullah kakar said:

    Balochistan has a length of more than 1800 Kms from north to south and south west. This is an arid Zone which has sun light for more than 200 days in a year. Such projects would succeed in the future. I being a local of the area know it better.

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