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Civil-military imbalance

A nation can only be stable if all its organs and state institution conduct themselves properly. The coordination between civil society and military takes place when the chosen cabinet members come to the table for a dialogue with military regarding any issue and both function within their respective domains: the military in securing the country’s borders and the civilians in policy making and carrying the people’s mandate. Talking about our own country where there is impunity, corruption and lack of will to solve any problem, it is high time that we realize the need of solidarity if we want our country to remain intact and survive these trouble times when it is facing many challenges.
Civil-military coordination has become necessary especially keeping in mind the scourge of terrorism, engagement of our troops on and within our border, and the worsening Balochistan situation. The mainstay of this civil-military dialogue should be to try to find the solution of all issues regardless of where it is held. All issues including the Balochistan issue should be solved through the mutual coordination of civil administration and the military establishment and both should play their role in this regard.
The civil-military imbalance in our polity needs to be rectified as it is the root of many of our problems. The civil and military establishments must be on the same page if we are to solve any of the problems plaguing our society.

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