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Jackson family feud: all you need to know

When it comes to the Jackson family, the last several days have played out very much like a soap opera. Although, let’s face it, this ongoing saga is probably a heck of lot more interesting (and dare we say entertaining) than anything you would see on daytime TV.
That being said, it can sometimes be a wee bit confusing to follow. Fortunately, that’s where we come in with a rundown of everything we know so far.
July 17: Michael Jackson’s siblings Janet, Jermaine, Rebbie, Tito and Randy fire off an angry letter to the two men overseeing the late King of Pop’s estate, accusing them of fraud when it comes to their brother’s will, saying, “Without question, it’s Fake, Flawed and Fraudulent.” An estate spokesman dismisses such a claim, telling E! News: “Any doubts about the validity of Michael’s will and his selection of executors were thoroughly and completely debunked two years ago when a challenge was rejected by the Los Angeles County Superior Court, the California Court of Appeals and, finally, the California Supreme Court.”
July 21: Katherine Jackson, the mother of Michael Jackson, is reported missing by the 82-year-old matriarch’s nephew, Trent, saying she has not been heard from in a week. The next day, however, Katherine’s son Jermaine Jackson as well as the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirm that Katherine is resting with family members in Arizona.
July 23: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies pay a visit to Katherine’s Calabasas home after a physical altercation takes place there. Photos from the scene show Michael’s siblings Janet and Jermaine present, while a source confirms to E! News that the third member involved was Randy. Katherine’s attorney says, “Following the incident, it was learned that one of the family members who was part of the ambush admitted that a plan has been in place for the last three years to remove Katherine Jackson from her home and her beloved grandchildren [Prince, Paris and Blanket].” Katherine has been the kids’ legal guardian since Michael’s death in 2009.
July 24: Tito backs down from family plot targeting Michael’s will. “I completely retract my signature from the July 17th letter sent to the Executors of my brother Michael’s estate and repudiate all the claims made against them,” he said in statement. “I don’t want any part of that letter whatsoever.” Meanwhile, T.J. Jackson, Tito’s son, plans to seek temporary guardianship of Michael’s three children.
July 24: Michael Jackson’s brother Marlon breaks down and walks off during an interview while talking about his mother Katherine’s whereabouts. “We’ve been told our mother is safe,” Marlon tells The Insider while sitting alongside brothers Tito and Jackie. “She’s doing well. But we have not spoken with her. We have not talked with her and I don’t know where my mother is.” He proceeds to storm off tearfully.
July 25: Following an emergency court hearing in Los Angeles, Katherine temporarily loses custody of her three grandchildren. Michael’s nephew T.J. is appointed temporary guardian after Paris and Prince consent to being in T.J.’s custody in the absence of their grandmother.
July 25: Katherine speaks out in a taped statement to ABC News. “I am here today to let everybody know that I am fine and I am here with my children, and my children would never do a thing to me like that, holding me against my will. It’s very stupid for people to think that,” adding she is “devastated” over the loss of custody of her grandchildren.
July 26: Katherine arrives back to her Calabasas, Calif., home. “grandma’s here! #thankyougod,” Paris tweets. “5 hours of sleep last night, been awake for 23 … time to #hibernate.” Brother Prince expresses his frustration regarding all the drama surrounding his family. “As long as I can remember my dad had repeatedly warned me of certain people and their ways,” he tweets. “Although I am happy my grandma was returned, after speaking with her I realized how misguided and how badly she was lied to. I’m really angry and hurt.”
July 26: Tanay Jackson, Tito’s daughter, tells E! News the whole family feud is “a lot of crap.”As for Katherine temporarily losing custody, she says: “Me, personally, I don’t think she should continue watching the kids. I just feel like she needs a rest. I feel like she does not need to be under the stress of the whole situation.”
July 27: Attorney for Katherine tells E! News he plans to file paperwork on her behalf next week seeking a joint guardianship for Michael Jackson’s three children between Katherine and T.J. Jackson. Meanwhile, Dr. Conrad Murray, the cardiologist serving a four-year sentence after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael, invites Katherine to visit him in jail. According to CNN, Murray’s lawyers extended the invite on his behalf saying Murray wanted to help bring peace to Katherine by answering “any questions she might have.”
July 28: Katherine’s attorney, Perry R. Sanders Jr, told the Los Angeles Times that Katherine has reunited with Michael’s children. “[Katherine] is eager to simply enjoy her great relationship with these children, while deeding over some of the stressors that go hand-in-hand with being a guardian,” Sanders said.

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