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PPP committed to making South Punjab a province: Zardari

President Asif Ali Zardari has said that making South Punjab a separate province was part of PPP’s nation building process and the party would endeavor to honour its commitment made with the people of South Punjab. “The creation of a Janoobi Punjab province would help provide the people of South Punjab with the needed openings and opportunities for their socio-economic development,” the president said while talking to a delegation of office bearers of PPP South Punjab led by Makhdoom Shahab-ud-Din, Federal Minister for Textile Industries, which called on him at the Aiwan-e-Sadr late Friday night. The delegation included among others Haider Zaman Qureshi, Senior Vice President PPP South Punjab, Shaukat Basra and Khawaja Rizwan Alam. The participants congratulated the president on the success of a PPP candidate, Abdul Qadir Gilani, in by-election in NA 151 Multan and also apprised him about the aspirations of the people of South Punjab about the creation of a new province for them. The president stressed the need to increase mass contact with the people to better understand their problems with a view to resolving them.

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  1. hussein shabbir said:


    • Kamil said:

      How did it break Pakistan? Gen Yahya and his colleague generals were 110% in power and PPP was an opposition party out of power with no govt at all. Decisions are always made by people sitting in PM or president chair and not by an opposition party. Today if Zardari or Shahbaz does something to Pakistan, would you blame Jamat Islami or Tehrik e Insaaf. Surely not, then how was it PPP in 1971?

  2. Muhamad Younus Butt said:

    If PPP tries to break Punjab,we will defend and rhis so-called plan will not be completed.Zardari first you divide sindh as there are lots of big problems and Sindh needs to be divided at any cost.

    • Kamil said:

      If u oppose South Punjab, noone will vote for PMLN or PTI in next elections from those areas(50 seats) and u will get duck and Sharif or IK would forget their dream of coming into power at the centre

  3. Mwaqar said:

    PPP did not break Pakistan,go to Bangladesh and find out why Bengali wanted to separate from Jinnah Pakistan,the obvious reason for Bengali demand to separate from Pakistan was because the brave army of Pakistan was killing its own people, Pakistani army and jammat islami's foot soldiers were involved in killings of five million Bengalis,Pakistani army and Punjab denied the rights of Bengalis as Punjabis are denying the rights of Sindis,Baloch and Pakhtuns today,next time if you guys think that PPP broke Pakistan then visit Bangladesh and find out about Pakistan's Punjabi Army who was involved in crimes against humanity in former east pakistan and punjabis were treating Bengali like third class citizens.

  4. DESI said:

    PPP committed ????????? oh kind a like committed to provide the basic needs to the people of Pakistan,I get it.I think the this photo is missing a heading "WANTED"

  5. Iqbal Khan said:

    Write something…

    Happy Birthday Zardari: You need a good year

    Zardari may not have academic skills, or interests, but he is first rate at understanding problems. Like all Indian prime ministers since 1991, he has been in power without a parliamentary majority for his party.

  6. Dar said:

    Like a spoilt child the PPP has decided, "If I can't have it, then I'll break IT!!!"

    • Mwaqar said:

      That is something punjabi politician will do,not the PPP, Bhutto give u nuclear weapons,Bhutoo brought home ur 90,000 punjbai coward soldiers who surrendered to indra gandhi,Bhutto give you voice,he introduced you to rights and democracy,but wait Punjabis had their rights etc but punajbis were/are denying rights of other provinces,its the Punjabi who is spreading terrorism and religious fanaticism,its the punjabi who is denying rights of PAKHTUNS,SINDIHS,BALOCHI,Punjabi Army and Punjabi Politicians like Nawaz Lohar and Imran Fake Khan are the ones who support Taliban and people from other provinces suffering cause of that.

  7. Muhammad Younus Butt said:

    We do not like the another province .If Zardai is interested he can make provinces from Balochustan and Sindh,bcoz they have vast areas which must be put into the way of progress.

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