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McRaven says raid was ‘easiest’ part of bin Laden op

The US military raid that killed Osama bin Laden was the “easiest” of three steps that led to the Al-Qaeda chief’s death, the special forces commander who supervised the clandestine mission has said.
Admiral William McRaven praised President Barack Obama for ordering the raid and said the CIA deserved credit for finally tracking bin Laden down to a house in Abbottabad.
“Our piece of it, the military piece, of kind of what I look at kind of three components was probably the easiest aspect of the entire raid,” he told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado on Wednesday.
“The two other pieces of this were the CIA’s role,” said McRaven, who heads up US Special Operations Command, without detailing exactly what the intelligence agency did.
“When the history is finally written and outlined and exposed on how the CIA determined that bin Laden was there, it will be one of the great intelligence operations in the history of intelligence organizations.”
Obama’s order led a team of Navy SEALs to be deployed in helicopters to Abbottabad, where bin Laden was killed in a shootout inside his home.
McRaven refused to answer a question on whether the military’s mission was to kill bin Laden or capture him, but he said the commandos merely did their job and it was Obama, not the special forces, who issued the order to go in.
“This is not a small point. The fact of the matter is it was the president of the United States that ordered the raid,” McRaven said, and replying “absolutely, he does,” when asked whether Obama deserved credit.
The bin Laden raid, which was launched from Afghanistan without the knowledge of Pakistani authorities on May 1, 2011, was one of 12 US operations that evening, but it “was a little bit more sporty,” McRaven said.

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  1. Muhammad younus Butt said:

    Mr.McRaven,your are right in saying that the raid for killing of Bin Laden was the easiest task,but unluckily you forgot the truth that this operation was possible only by one of your alliance for whom you are ingnoring and trying disturb this supporter by all the foul ways.You have to appriciate President Obama boc you are his servant and and you try to please him in any ways.GOOD AND SMART POLITICAL POLICIES BY U.S.A.

  2. PTBP said:

    The most difficult part of this operation: To take back dead bodies of 24 marines who took part in this operation and later killed in a Helicopter shoot down by Taliban.

    • Faysal said:

      well said, the media is silent about that incident. As they say, these marines are few in number and always travel in goups on 4 to five in black hawks. But in that case, all 24 for bundled in a chinook, which was "shot down" by Taliban. OBL's "deadbody" was burried in the sea and the men who took part in the operation were killed later, to hide any details of the operation. Mission accomplished the American way.

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