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Ramadan Bazaars providing relief to no one

Stalls in subsidised bazaars, operating under the Islamabad district administration, are reportedly selling stale meat and substandard fruits to the dismay of common people.
Sources said that the subsidised bazaar in Sector G-7/2, Islamabad, had been established to facilitate the common man, but white meat and other items sold here are of substandard quality. Customers allege that Assistant Commissioner Muhammad Ali and Food Controller, Chaudhary Muhammad Afzal are aware of this problem but have taken no measures to address it.
Expressing concerns over nominal difference in the prices of domestic items, especially fruits and vegetables, citizens of Rawalpindi have requested the Punjab government to ensure uniform supply of these items at subsidised rates in all markets rather than in a few ‘sasta’ bazaars in the city.
A survey revealed that people were reluctant to visit ‘sasta’ bazaars, as prices of all items were actually higher than in the open market and the checking staff was not available to take note of public complaints.
They said that grapes were being sold at the rate of Rs300 per kg, dates for Rs200 per kg and low quality apples for Rs150 per kg. They said that it was simply impossible for poor people to buy fruits for Iftar.
Fruit vendors suggested that there should be a proper mechanism to control prices at all levels, adding that, “If we get fruits and vegetables at higher prices from the market, how can we sell them at cheaper rates?”
A housewife, Munawara Kashif said that the Ramazan Bazaar at Liaquat Bagh had a deserted look due to lack of proper management.

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