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US wants a stable, strong Pakistan: Munter

Outgoing US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter on Monday said that the US wanted a stable and strong Pakistan and it would continue supporting the country for the benefit of the people of the region. Talking to a private television channel, Munter said that terrorists were common enemies of Pakistan and the United States. They are a threat to the sovereignty of Pakistan, he added. He said the people and the government of Pakistan were against anti-social elements and terrorism. Munter said that Pakistan-US relations should be based on mutual interests and respect. He hoped that the relations between the two countries would further strengthen with the passage of time. The ambassador said that the US wanted to help civilians and military of Pakistan. “Pakistani politicians are patriotic…the US does not support dictatorial rule in Pakistan,” he said.

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  1. damein said:

    As strong as Panama …i guess !
    Forget Noriega….Oh! bother he was such an embarrassment.

    land routes …sea routes…..the pfc rations need to be in place on time….and the occasional cruise across verdant swaths…. affordable of course, after all our back yard is ours isn't it?

  2. Muhamad Younus Butt said:

    Good Luck Mr.Munter and the newly ambassador will be most welcome and it is prayed that the relation between U.S.A and pakistan may be normalised as early as possible.Please bring back to U.S.A with good wishes for the people of America and also the Obama Administration.

  3. dar said:

    Not true.

    Actions belie Mr. Munter's fine words.

    Still, let us hope that relations improve between Pakistan and the US.

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