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Supreme Court can strike down unconstitutional laws: Ramday

Former Supreme Court Judge Justice (retd) Khalilur Rehman Ramday on Friday said that the nation should not be misguided through political sloganeering.
Speaking at a ceremony, he said that the apex court could strike down any law in conflict with the constitution. “Parliament has no authority to cut Supreme Court’s powers and it cannot make laws against basic human rights,” he said.
He said the Supreme Court was not superior than anyone; instead, it was bound to act according to the constitution. “Courts have right to interpret the constitution”, he stressed.
Ramday said all the state institutions should operate within the ambit of power set for them by the constitution. He cited examples of India and Bangladesh where the judiciary has struck down a number of amendments made by the parliament.

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  1. Nelta John said:

    If the Supreme Court prevents its accounts from being examined by PAC, it will for sure struck dow any law that stands in its way.

  2. home-grown said:

    political sloganeering or "judicial sloganeering?" – the former judge still think he is a serving judge !!!

  3. kaiser said:

    now we have judicial extremism , may progress one day to judicial terrorism.

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