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Malik submits nomination papers for Senate seat

Adviser to the Prime Minister on Interior Rehman Malik submitted nomination papers for a Senate seat on Friday.
The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) had called on members of the Sindh Assembly to nominate a new candidate for the Senate from the province after the seat was vacated by Malik following his resignation.
The polling for the seat will be held on August 8, 2012.
Showing the renunciation certificate from the United Kingdom’s border agency, Malik assured that he is only a Pakistani citizen now and does not hold any other nationalities. He showed his Pakistani National Identity Card to the media to confirm his claim.
The documents will be scrutinized on July 23 and 24 while candidates can withdraw their nomination papers by July 30, 2012.
Speaking to the journalists after submitting his nomination papers, Malik said that he has always supported and followed the orders of the Supreme Court.
He said that he would not comment on the documents he submitted because they were under scrutiny. He further said that the documents could be obtained by anyone to see as he had publicized them.
Malik said, “The basic reason for my resignation was that for many days Nawaz Sharif had been saying that dual nationality bill was passed because of (me) and that their party will not support the dual nationality law. So, I told him that Pakistanis living abroad who send in billions of dollars should not be victimized and I decided to pull out myself from this issue.”
He said that now the PML-N leaders should vote in favour of dual nationality because it’s right of overseas Pakistanis. “Those who were born in Pakistan and moved out of the country for livelihood or securing their children’s future should be supported to retain their dual nationality – not of all countries, but only those Pakistan is in agreement with according to the 1951 citizenship certificate.”

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  1. desi said:

    There are 5 comments on this article,my respond to all of you is simple.Yeh mazak,toopi drama,making fool of masses and last one about sharam na anna,hmmmm,lets see,all this is all your fault,because you morons voted for these s_it bags,so shut up and suffer.You want a change,then vote,but make sure you don't vote for s_it bags.

  2. Mohammed said:

    The Senate seems to be the best place for Crooks.

  3. Shahid said:

    Three cheers for Rehman Malik!!! We need brave and hard working men like him. The unconstitutionally constituted present SC must be resisted at all levels. We need honest judges in SC. We must not tolerate Dual PCO Familygate fame judges.

  4. Hamid Khan said:

    This man in directly responsible fot death of thousands of people of Pakistan. He is also directly responsible for assination of BB at direction of Zaradri. Zardari keep of rewarding for eliminating BB from the scene. That is how he became president. This man knows too much about affair of Zaradri. Thefore is in good position to Blackmail Zardari.Zardari cant get of this man even if wants to.

  5. Javed Chaudhry said:

    The likes of Malik and Altaf Hussain have only plundered national wealth and money laundered it abroad. So far, every dual citizen who held any public office in Pakistan did the same. They have no right to build their claims on achievements of innocent duaql citizens.

    I am myself a dual citizen and would like to differ with agents of foreign countries operating in Pakistan under the umbrella of dual citizenship.

  6. Daddy said:

    Rehman Malik could have Pakistani passport and yet still hold a British passport also. What matters more is not that he hold a Pakistani passport, but that he has given up his UK citizenship. Untill he can prove that he has given up his British citizenship, he has no business in Pakistani politics. If he hadn't been involved with BB's murder, he still be cutting hair in UK and living off tips from customers. Just one murder and he has become a multi millionaire. Can't wait for Babar Awan to come out and throw some dirt on him 🙂

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