Some of Michael Jackson’s family are telling the executors of his estate to beat it. Siblings Janet, Jermaine, Rebbie, Tito and Randy fired off an angry letter to John Branca and John McClain, the two men overseeing the late King of Pop’s estate, accusing them of fraud when it comes to their brother’s will, saying “without question, it’s Fake, Flawed and Fraudulent.”
“THIS HAS TO STOP NOW: NO MORE!!” Michael’s brothers and sisters wrote in the letter obtained by E! News. “Your heartless pursuit of wealth, fame and power is at the expense of our family, whose deepest desire is to give the world a gift of hope, love and unity through our music.”
However, a statement sent from estate spokesman Jim Bates dismisses such a claim.
“Any doubts about the validity of Michael’s will and his selection of executors were thoroughly and completely debunked two years ago when a challenge was rejected by the Los Angeles County Superior Court, the California Court of Appeals and, finally, the California Supreme Court,” reads the statement, which reiterates that the only family members named in the will were Michael’s mother and his three children.
“We are saddened that false and defamatory accusations grounded in stale Internet conspiracy theories are now being made by certain member of Michael’s family whom he chose to leave out of his will,” the statement adds. “We are especially disheartened that they come at a time when remarkable progress has been made to secure the financial future of his children by turning around the Estate’s finances as well as during a time when so many of Michael’s fans, old and new, are enjoying his artistry through exciting projects.” E! News reached out to the siblings who signed the letter, but has yet to hear back from them.
Michael’s daughter, Paris Jackson, tweeted this afternoon: “i will defend my beloved family member with all i have , even if it means from other family members…at this point i dont care what people call me or if they think i’m a bad person… if it means sticking up for my grandmother i will
do it.”

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  1. Andrea said:

    They need to leave Michael’s family alone give them back the estate that is right fully theirs and go find a job for themselves and stop leaching off the Jacksons

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