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Summer Sports Camp at Royal Palm concludes

The Summer Sports Camp 2012 for juniors ranging between the ages 6 to 17 was held over four weeks at the Royal Palm sports arenas, and after the initial training, it culminated yesterday with the youngsters put to a severe test through competitions, that gave the top performers a taste of competition and victory.
The games included were soccer, tennis, golf, swimming, squash, martial arts and snooker. As expected, soccer attracted the maximum little ones to its fold and served by the excellent coach, Intizar Mehdi, they learnt all the fundamental manouvers like onfield endurance, footwork and passing and subsequently during the Wing Chair Soccer Tournament, their acquired skills were put to a test and noticeable was the talent of Syed Faraz Mansoor, Ibrahim Dawood, Ismail and Najeeb in the under 10 years category, and Arif Lodhi, Abbas Zafar, Shahzaib Hussain, Ahmad Yar Ehtisham and Mujtaba Amjad in under 15 years category.
Ahmed Nazir, Hassan Zafar and Asfandyar Ehtesham were too good in the 17 years group. Quite a few others, who do not get a mention here, were superb in patches but the young ones who do get mentioned here were consistently outstanding. There was also a huge turnout in Squash and Swimming and whereas the squash enthusiasts were educated in the art of gripping the racket, they were also taught forehand style shots, backhand style returns, court running, game plan and temperament building. In the swimming section coaches covered all the fundamentals like standing position, floating technique, arm action, breathing pattern and leg action. Top performers in squash were Zaki Amjad and Rahim in under 12 years category, Haider Aziz and Shehryar Ehtesham in under 16 years age bracket and Asad Kamal and B. Ali in 17 years category. Those swimmers who stood out are Zain Nawaz and Zaid Zakriya(under 6 years), Ayaan Salim and Armaghan Dawar(under 8 years), Qasim Mudassar(under 10 years), Ahmadyar Ehtesham(under 12 years) and Umer Zaman(under 14 years).
Golf brought forth its own pool of little champions and in the nine years category Sameer Ehtisham and Ibrahim Khawaja managed to make a mark with their good shotmaking, while in category of 12 years Ahmedyar and Yousaf deserve applause for their good performance.
From amongst the 17 years and under age group players,Hamza Khan and Osama Sheikh appeared as ones with good control over their swing and rhythm. From amongst the girls, Aiman Zaman was declared the most valuable sports talent of the summer camp. At the conclusion of the camp, awards were given to the kids in a grand ceremony attended by a large number of parents. Dawar Rashid, President Wing Chair gave away the prizes to the winners.

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