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Is it over between Aisam and Faha? Parents say no

Conflicting reports surfaced on Sunday regarding the marriage of tennis star Aisam ul Haq and his wife Faha Makhdoom, who tied the knot in a grand ceremony on December 17 last year after seeing each other for over six months.
TV channels made identical claims on Sunday afternoon that Aisam and Faha had decided to separate and the tennis star had signed the legal documents and sent them to Faha, who the channels claimed was currently in London.
The TV channels also claimed that the couple’s relationship hit a rough patch two months ago “as Faha was having difficulty in adjusting in Aisam’s family”. The channels also claimed that both families had met in London recently and decided to terminate the relationship.
However in a twist to the story, the fathers of Aisam and Faha rubbished the TV reports, saying there was no truth in the matter and their children’s marriage was intact.
Pakistan’s best tennis player, Aisam is currently in the US on a tour.

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  1. Furqan Ali said:

    I believe that Media is stepping way deep into their personal life! Media should stop doing this crap and should not talk about divorce between Aisam and Faha until and unless the news is for sure and confirmed by them and their families. News based on a mere facebook page is NOT authentic. Neither Aisam and his family nor Faha and her family has confirmed the news.
    Aisam is our Pakistani hero. We and our Media should have some respect for him and the family at-least.

    • Dr.M.M.Khan said:

      1 agree with you in the sense that media should not intrude in the personal life of any one. The fact that some one is a national hero is not relevant.

      • Furqan Ali said:

        That is why i said at-least sir!
        aam awam ki to izzat nae hay, at-least heros ka to kuch khayal kar lain

      • Kashif said:

        Agar ye khabar jhooti or baghair tasdeeq k chalai gai hai to media walo pe aisa case karo ke un ko pishi karne k liay bhi court se order lena pare.

  2. shakeel said:

    Aisam is not a mature person…..secondly why he went for marriage from Karachi, there is a lot of difference in Lahore and Karachi Culture. He should marry a woman from Lahore

    • Dr.M.M.Khan said:

      Mr shakeel–Your comments are mindbogling. Come on grow up!

      • Anon said:

        Why 'mindboggling'? Is his attitude 'atypical'?

    • SAJJAD said:


  3. Saba said:

    All these baseless rumors could be ended by a clear-cut statement from both the parties and a warning that a legal action would be taken against those who violate the couples' privacy and scandalize their lives!

    • Kashif said:

      I agree, the statements by their parents were pretty much clear-cut, enough said. I fail to understand why Geo and other news channel insist that they heard this "news" from "khandani zaraye". If there a more authoritative "khandani zarai" besides their parents then why don't these channels disclose it/them?

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